15 April 2024

Housing Hacks: how to be a good housemate

In the fourth and final article of our Housing Hacks series, we share tips and advice to help you be a good housemate so you can maintain a happy life at home.
12 April 2024

Go beyond borders at the 24th Biennale of Sydney

Discover legacies of resistance, strength, and exuberance at the 24th Biennale of Sydney, a free public arts exhibition on now at the Chau Chak Wing Museum.
08 April 2024

Embrace coding culture at this year's Coding Fest

The School of Computer Science's Coding Fest returns for 2024. Hear from students about what it was like to network at last year's Fest, how you can craft the perfect project pitch and why coding is a skill for the future all students should learn.
08 April 2024

Refresh your wardrobe, save money and fight fast fashion this Fashion Revolution Week

Discover events, workshops and a new slow fashion hub on campus this Fashion Revolution Week and fight back against the harmful impacts of disposable trends.
08 April 2024

From ideas to impact: students improving the lives of young people

The partnership between the University of Sydney and Youth Justice NSW offers our students an interactive and hands-on experience working with the youth justice system to improve the lives of young people.
08 April 2024

Lead a better future at the 2024 University Scholars Leadership Symposium

The University Scholars Leadership Symposium is a transformative program that unites emerging young leaders, providing them with the skills, confidence and opportunities to unlock their full potential and change the world.
02 April 2024

Housing Hacks: how to create and stick to a budget

Developing a budget will help you keep track of your spending, plan for your financial future and ensure you always have enough money for essentials like rent, food and bills.
28 March 2024

Food hacks to help you save money and eat well

Looking for ways to make healthy and delicious meals without breaking the bank? From meal planning to knowing what's in season, here are our tried and tested tips for eating well on a budget.
25 March 2024

5 tips to help you take charge of your wellbeing

Balancing your university commitments with the demands of everyday life can be challenging. Your mental wellbeing is linked to academic success, so it’s important to prioritise your health as well as your studies. The University has tools, resources, and services available to help you.
18 March 2024

Housing Hacks: how to find and apply for a rental property

Finding the right place to rent and to live is a process, with many things to consider. In our second Housing Hacks article, we share tips to help you find and apply for your next home, along with the rental scams you need to look out for.