What is it like to study at the University of Sydney?

14 August 2018
Go behind-the-scenes in the lead up to Open Day
Our students are taking over Instagram, giving you the insiders' scoop on what it’s really like to study here. Tune in to discover the secret spots on campus, best burger joints and life inside and outside the classroom.

1. Business 

Kelvin, Wednesday 15th

Follow Kelvin into his classes and get a tour of the Abercrombie Building (one of our most instagrammed buildings on campus). Kelvin will also show you Cadigal Green, his favourite spot for hanging with friends and where to get the best burgers!

2. Architecture and design

Kate, Thursday 16th

Find out where the architecture kids like to hang out and get a look inside the facilities. Kate will show you the picturesque Victoria Park and Cadigal Green, and will give you tips for the best place for late night study snacks!

3. Law

Carol, Friday 17th

Check out the view from the New Law Building (the best sunset spot on campus) and find out where the law kids like to study and hang out. Carol will tell you about the awesome opportunities for exchange and will show you her favourite nearby lunch place!

4. Medicine and health

Catherine, Monday 20th

Find out what it’s like to be a medical student on placement as Catherine takes you inside the wards and classrooms at our Northern Clinical School. Catherine will share her favourite quiet study and coffee shop.

5. Science

Chloe, Tuesday 21st

See the theoretical and practical side of science by following Chloe into her microbiology lecture and then into the lab! Chloe will also show you her favourite spot on campus - on the grass in front of the Charles Perkins Centre (where the uni's resident dog, Sally the blue heeler, lives).

6. Engineering and IT

Deanna, Wednesday 22nd

Get an insight into life as an IT student as Deanna takes you on a tour of the Engineering and IT building and shows you inside the society's common room. Then take the short walk to Broadway for lunch and follow Deanna into her evening tutorial.

7. Arts and social science

Sylvia, Thursday 23rd

Get a look inside classes in marketing and media and have a look around the Abercrombie Building. Sylvia will share her favourite cafe for an amazing iced mocha and the hike to Manning Rd, stopping by the famous Usyd graffiti tunnels. 

8. Music

Michael, Friday 24th

Discover life as a student at the Conservatorium of Music, one of Australia’s most acclaimed music institutes. See inside our vocal studios and get a glimpse of a singing lesson and vocal performance class – then travel to the main campus for a MUSE rehearsal at Holme.


Open Day is on Saturday 25th August, from 9am-4pm. Find out more and plan your day.