How parents can make the most of Open Day

Tips to support your child on Open Day
Starting university is a huge transition, but Open Day helps make it a smooth one. We've put together our top tips for parents to help you and your child prepare for Open Day and university.

Open Day is the perfect time for your child to get a taste of campus life, ask questions and feel confident about this exciting new phase. Here's some advice to ensure you and your child make the most out of the day.

Create an Open Day plan together

Before the day, you and your child can browse all the activities on offer and create your own schedule based on their interests.

Some of the activities on Open Day include:

  • Course advice booths
  • Information sessions on scholarships, admissions and student life
  • Campus tours
  • Accommodation tours
  • Hands-on activities
  • Student performances

Sitting down with your child to build their timetable in advance is an easy way to help them feel supported. Their schedule will provide structure to their day while offering peace of mind that they won't miss out on what's important.

Visit the Open Day website to register, browse our sessions and build a personalised timetable.

Follow their lead

Between studying for exams and choosing a degree, your child might feel a bit overwhelmed at this time of year. It’s important for them to feel trusted and to know they can come to you for advice as needed.

On Open Day, you can support them by letting them take the lead. Allow them to prioritise sessions they’re passionate about and explore the campus at their own pace.

Encourage exploration

Open Day is your child’s invitation to familiarise themselves with the wide range of courses and opportunities we offer here at the University.

Drop into a course advice booth and talk to our academics about the degree your child is interested in, or attend an information session about our different admissions pathways, scholarships, and the many areas of study. Sitting in these sessions will give you important information about the University and your child's options.

Find out which sessions are relevant to you, and those you shouldn't miss.

Encourage your child to ask questions

Student and their parent getting advice from University staff

Every university experience is different, and that's why it's important to get advice that is tailored to your child.

Open Day is a great opportunity to speak to academics, staff and current students about what it’s really like to study at the University of Sydney.

Your child might initially be nervous to ask questions, so be sure to encourage them to speak up and get clarity on anything they’re unsure about. You may even want to sit down together and write a list of questions beforehand, so your child feels confident on the day.

They may have questions about:

  • a specific area of study
  • accessing support services
  • applying for a scholarship
  • life on campus.

Tour the campus together

Our amazing Camperdown campus is something we are proud of, but its size can seem overwhelming. A campus tour is the best way to explore the University and get an insider's look at our key facilities, classrooms, and support services as well as some of the most beautiful spots on campus.

Camperdown campus tours are run by our friendly student ambassadors. We also have a range of other facilities tours running at specific times.

Student ambassador leading a group of visitors at Open Day on a campus tour in front of the Quadrangle

Explore accommodation options

Whether your child is planning to live at home, on campus, or in share housing during their studies, getting to know the pros and cons of all available accommodation options is important.

Have your questions answered by the Student Accommodation Services team in the Quadrangle so that you can be across the cost, location and application deadlines for on and off campus living. There'll also be accommodation tours running all day to see first-hand all the options available.

Take part in Open Day activities

Students taking part in a campus activity using liquid nitrogen

Our fun and interactive hands-on activities from different faculties will give your child a taste of the course they're interested in. It's a not-to-be-missed opportunity to see some of our world-class facilities up close and meet some of our leading academics.

Offer support

Finally, one of the best things you can do as a parent is to support your child through this busy time.

Remind them that there are multiple admission pathways, even if they don’t get the ATAR they were hoping for.

No matter what, giving your child the confidence to explore their interests and make decisions will help make the transition smoother.

Don't forget to...


Have a plan: create your own schedule for the day

Visit the Open Day website to find out how

Make a list of questions to ask before you come


Allow some time in between activities to explore, take a break, and have fun!

Last updated: 6 July 2023

25 July 2018

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