31 May 2023

5 ways to manage stress during exams

Exam season can be stressful, but there are some simple strategies you can apply to manage your stress and anxiety during this time. Here are five ways to de-stress during exams and help you finish your year of study on a high note.
29 May 2023

What you need to know about the new Academic Integrity Policy

The University witnessed a notable upsurge in reported breaches of academic integrity throughout 2022. The shift to online learning and the continued evolution of the global cheating industry has led to increases in academic integrity breaches, which can have serious consequences for students.
18 May 2023

Plant the seed for a brighter future

The Sustainability Action grant, a new addition to the 2023 Student Life Grants initiative, provides students with funding and mentorship to innovate co-curricular projects that enable and embed sustainability across campus life and within our broader community.

18 May 2023

How to prepare for your in-person exams

Find out everything you need to know for in-person exams, including how to prepare, what materials to bring and the rules you need to abide by.