25 September 2023

Young leaders join forces to advance gender equity

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws student Phoebe Britten has been selected to represent the experiences of young people as part of the Global Institute for Women's Leadership's Global Youth Committee.
25 September 2023

Celebrating the 2023 winners of the Charles Perkins Memorial Prize

Established in 2001, the Dr Charles Perkins Oration and Memorial Prize recognises and celebrates the outstanding contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have made to our community, country, and society.
11 September 2023

A student's guide to the Voice: what role does the University play? 

Throughout our 170-year history, the University of Sydney has been at the forefront of many political and social debates in Australia. This year's referendum on the Voice to Parliament is no different. Find out how we're facilitating and leading conversation around the Voice, and how you can get involved as a student. 

11 September 2023

Celebrate National Biodiversity Month at the University of Sydney

September is National Biodiversity Month in Australia, providing an opportunity to promote the unique diversity of our ecosystem, both on our campuses and nationally, to connect with our natural environment, and to raise awareness of the crucial role we play in protecting it.
04 September 2023

R U OK? A conversation can change a life

R U OK? Day empowers and inspires all of us to have regular, meaningful conversations to connect with and support anyone who might be going through a difficult time.
01 September 2023

The importance of academic integrity and your guide for success

Studying is a key part of preparing for your assessments and exams, but it's not the only factor you need to consider. Know your responsibilities when it comes to academic integrity and find out why it's key to academic success.