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30 August 2019

Six hidden gems you'll find at the Chancellor's Book Fair

There’s always a chance to bag a bargain at the Chancellor’s Committee’s Book Fair. Here's your guide to the best hidden gems you can find in the Great Hall this year – and cheap textbooks are just the start.
30 August 2019

How to kick-start your career while you’re still at university

Whether you’re itching to start your future career or still not sure where you’re going, we’ve gathered some expert advice from employers to help you put yourself in good stead for life after uni.
26 August 2019

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Following his recent media appearances talking about freedom of speech and freedom of political association, the Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr Michael Spence, has reached out to the University community on the topic.
26 August 2019

Course planning tips to make your degree more flexible

Whether you're preparing for a graduate role or getting ahead after some time off, there are plenty of ways to make your degree suit your goals. Dona Siramanne shares her tips to help you don your graduation gown sooner.
26 August 2019

Have your say on sustainability at Sydney

Help prioritise where the University can make the biggest impact to create a more sustainable university.
19 August 2019

5 tips to be more sustainable at uni

From re-usable coffee cups to recycling old study notes, here’s five simple ways you can become a more environmentally friendly human day-to-day.
16 August 2019

How to plan your semester

Take some practical planning advice from the Library's Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs). As current students themselves, they know the magic of planning early so you're relaxed and ready when exams roll around.
12 August 2019

Students invited to comment on freedom of speech on campus

The Vice-Chancellor’s French Review Model Code Implementation Group is asking students and staff to provide their comments about the Model Code by Monday 26 August.
09 August 2019

How to prepare a strong scholarship application

A scholarship application introduces us to who you are and what you have achieved. While all scholarship applications are different, here is our general advice for preparing your undergraduate scholarship application.

01 August 2019

When will I ever use maths?

While it may not feel like it, there is more to maths than meets the eye.