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Open Day cheat sheet: online edition

13 August 2021

How to make the most of an online Open Day

Join us online this Open Day on 28 August, to find out about everything being a Sydney student has to offer, and where it can lead you in the future.

This year’s Open Day looks a little bit different, while we may not see you on campus, be assured that the biggest event of the year is packed with information you need to help you prepare for university. Tune in to our specially curated online events, explore your interests, talk to your future lecturers – at the comfort of your home.

Here, we’ve put together the top five things you should do to make the most of an online Open Day experience.

1. Build your personalised schedule

You may no longer need to keep an eye out for the bus timetable, but there is so much happening on Open Day – it’s crucial that you plan ahead so you can finish the day getting what you came for. It’s important to prioritise what’s important to you – and this may be different to your peers.

Make sure you register your attendance on the Open Day website, then you can simply add in and remove sessions to curate your own program. You can even email and print your tailored schedule ahead of the day so you don’t miss out.

2. Drop into a course advice session

Whether you are still tossing up your study options, or have your eyes set on a particular degree, our course advice sessions are designed to make sure you have got all the information you need to make that important decision.  

Explore our course advice sessions by areas of interest, these online sessions are a great way to get exclusive insights into the courses you’d like to study.

Open Day is especially helpful if you're tossing up between a few different areas of interest. You can talk to students in each field and learn from their personal experiences.
Molly Riordan, Bachelor of Health Sciences

3. Tune in live to USyd TV

Tune in to our livestream on the day via USyd TV from 10am to 2pm. This is your chance to experience virtually all our on-campus activities. You will go on a virtual campus tour, hear from current students, lecturers, and academics, check out our facilities. We will cover topics such as course options, studying overseas, scholarships, careers and even accommodation in Sydney, don’t miss this chance to find out everything about the USyd experience.

Remember to add USyd TV to your personalised scheduled, we'll be able to send you exclusive updates and inform you if there are changes to the events on the day.

4. Ask your questions one-on-one

Which subjects can you study in that degree? What’s it really like to live on campus? Where can you go on exchange?

One of the great pluses of our online Open Day is you will be able to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our student ambassadors, there’s no better way to ask your burning questions than to speak with someone who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes.

You can either chat with a current student to ask general questions, or you can opt to chat with a student from a specific faculty or school – scroll to the bottom of our program page to view and book your consultations.

Sessions are available from 23 August to 2 September, hurry before allocations are exhausted.

5. Some tips and tricks

Open Day is one of the few days of the year academics and current students are gathered to offer you personalised advice. If you don't get the ATAR? What does a day at uni look like? What sort of jobs will I get from this course? Don't be scared to ask or just have a chat. 

Prepare a checklist of questions so you finish the day with everything you came for.

Uni isn't just what happens inside the classroom, or even just on campus; a world of opportunities await you so make sure you take the time to explore those too!

A great place to ask about these is through our one-on-one chats, book your slot and ask us about study abroad opportunities, interdisciplinary projects, our high achievers' program, other things to think about are what scholarships opportunities are open for before and once you're studying, as well as the support services available for you once you're a student.

Organise a drop-in session together with a friend or invite your parents along for a zoom. Not only are they company, they’ll also be a valuable sounding board on the day.

Remember it’s their job to have your best interests at heart and it’ll save you having to repeat yourself at the end of the day. In saying this, no one’s stopping you from flying solo the whole day either. 

Going to university is a big decision but it's an exciting one. Our advice: don't rush the decision and enjoy the fun that comes with exploring all your options - starting with Open Day!

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