About us

Leading the way in multidisciplinary environmental research
We aim to extend and amplify the scope of engagement on environmental issues and bring together expertise from across disciplines to tackle the greatest challenges in favour of the common good.

Our vision is for a just and sustainable environmental transformation in which all life can flourish.

Recognising the breadth of the harms unfolding, we leverage multidisciplinary problem solving to have an impact on the personal and cultural, the social and political, and the ecological and economic. We partner with the wider community of people and organisations engaging on environmental issues. Our objectives are to:

  • identify matters of critical environmental concern and engage with them through creative, collaborative projects designed for real impact.
  • cross disciplinary boundaries to ask new questions, develop new methods, and generate new forms of knowledge and awareness among the arts, the humanities, and the natural, social, and technological sciences.
  • build flourishing working communities among academics, policymakers, cultural institutions, artists, students, NGOs, and committed citizens.
  • support and mentor ambitious, imaginative, collaborative endeavours by students, scholars, and practitioners, within the university and beyond.