View of Sydney Harbour Bridge with orange dust enveloping the city

Our research

Responding to the greatest challenges of our time
We translate environmental research into better-informed public discourse, culture, decision-making processes, and action.

Multidisciplinary, collaborative research for innovation and impact is at the heart of SEI’s mission. We aim for our work to change thinking and action, in both the academy and beyond. Recognised as global leaders in multidisciplinary environmental humanities and social sciences, and working with researchers across academic disciplines, practitioners and community organisations, and governments at every level, we are constantly rethinking, redefining and expanding our multidisciplinary foci and themes.

From climate imaginaries and storytelling, to the conservation of biocultural diversities and relations, to energy transition and adaptation policy – with social and environmental justice at the core – our projects continue to deliver landmark and field-defining research, as well as important impacts on communities and policies.

SEI’s research is aligned with the University of Sydney’s strategy to tackle the world’s greatest challenges, while dedicated and contributing to the common good. Our collective work focuses on understanding our complex environmental, sustainability, and climate crises, and develops transformational pathways in both thinking and action. Our research and impacts are multi-scalar, addressing everything from everyday life, to local government policies, to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our current environmental and sustainability challenges are vast and varied. SEI supports research groups and communities that offer both critiques of the status quo and transformative ideas for change.