A series of solar panel arrays in an arid area, shown from above


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2023 Annual Report

"While the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss continue, making SEI’s mission more important than ever, 2023 was an incredibly productive year with continued growth and diversification in our membership and activities. SEI’s 2023 strategic plan was focused on expanding our multidisciplinarity, and as a result we grew our community by 200 people and now have 500 members working towards a just environmental transformation. We are especially delighted to see our targeted efforts to engage with researchers right across the University and beyond resulting in growth in our STEM membership." - Professor David Schlosberg

2022 Annual Report

"2022 was a year when the climate crisis became even more clear and, unfortunately, experienced on the ground, here in Australia and across the globe. The third consecutive year of La Nina hit hard, with record breaking flooding now following years of drought and fires. Thankfully, 2022 brought some hint of further climate action, especially at home. Here at SEI, we have been dedicated to bringing together the work of researchers across the University on the wide range of climate, sustainability, and environmental challenges, and in 2022 we increased our close work with local, state, and federal government – as well as global partners – for real impact." - Professor David Schlosberg

Issue 7: Overwhelmed: Ecological emotions and the climate crisis (2022-23)

“Think what internal mechanics might be at work when we scroll and scroll through images of ‘natural’ disasters taking place throughout the media-saturated world. Or carefully avoid them. Take a moment to consider the world which the children in your life will be navigating in their later years. How do you feel about them?” - Dr James Dunk and Dr Blanche Verlie

In response to SEI’s Nature Feelz symposium in late 2022, this issue of the SEI magazine explores the complex ecological emotions and feelings that drive climate crisis and action. It brings together a diverse range of contributions and disciplines, both critical and creative, to highlight the cutting-edge ecological emotion research and responses focused in and around Australia. From reflections on environmental fiction as it becomes more aligned to reality, and photographic explorations of climate loss, to a manifesto for resilience as form of activism, Overwhelmed delves into loss and hope, witnessing and action as we collectively experience the affective impacts of the climate crisis.

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