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SEI magazine

Translating research knowledge for a broader audience
The SEI magazine features contributions across our network, on a range of themes, including ecological emotions, COVID-19 and climate change, multispecies and environmental justice, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Latest issues

Issue 7: Overwhelmed: Ecological emotions and the climate crisis (2022-23)

“Think what internal mechanics might be at work when we scroll and scroll through images of ‘natural’ disasters taking place throughout the media-saturated world. Or carefully avoid them. Take a moment to consider the world which the children in your life will be navigating in their later years. How do you feel about them?” - Dr James Dunk and Dr Blanche Verlie

In response to SEI’s Nature Feelz symposium in late 2022, this issue of the SEI magazine explores the complex ecological emotions and feelings that drive climate crisis and action. It brings together a diverse range of contributions and disciplines, both critical and creative, to highlight the cutting-edge ecological emotion research and responses focused in and around Australia. From reflections on environmental fiction as it becomes more aligned to reality, and photographic explorations of climate loss, to a manifesto for resilience as form of activism, Overwhelmed delves into loss and hope, witnessing and action as we collectively experience the affective impacts of the climate crisis.

Issue 6: Imagining Otherwise (2022)

A year after the ash settled from Australia’s Black Summer, this issue of the SEI magazine features a curated series of opinion pieces from the Institute’s community exploring imaginaries and creativity in response to climate change.

From architectural responses to our multispecies world, to the pressing issue of climate anxiety and its possible implications on young people, and the critical role of writers, artists, and First Nations peoples in imagining and articulating futures beyond the climate crisis, Imagining Otherwise is a complex but hopeful examination of our present and future. 

The SEI magazine was curated by Michelle St Anne and edited by Liberty Lawson.

Past issues

Issue 5: Confronting Crisis (2021)

This issue curates a series of opinion pieces from the Institute’s community that explore the intersections between ecological and epidemiological crises and the fight for a different future.

The Corona and Climate article series, collected here in Issue 5 of the SEI magazine, explores the consequences of crises for finance and industry, welfare, multispecies justice, environmental policy, immigration, institutionalised racism, public infrastructure and urban design, mental health and more. The world will not, and should not, return to normal. By diving into the uncomfortable questions and opening new doors for unlikely collaborations, above all we hope to open up a space where we can come together to imagine and fight for a better future.

The SEI magazine was curated by Michelle St Anne and edited by Liberty Lawson.

Issue 4: The Multispecies Justice Collection (2020)

Confronting another climate change summer of extreme, it’s obvious the future of humans and the health of the environment are inextricably linked. New theories of justice must respond to this ecological entanglement.

In this issue Professor David Schlosberg and Professor Danielle Celermajer look at a new approach to a growing environmental threat, political economist Beck Pearse discusses economic justice and the future of coal in Australia, we reflect on our series of four symposia with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences about what justice means in a multispecies context – and more.

The SEI magazine was curated by Michelle St Anne and edited by Liberty Lawson.