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A multidisciplinary approach to sustainability
We’re working with experts across the University to develop world-leading courses on sustainability and climate change.

With campus-wide consultation, we’re leading the development of new a undergraduate major and minor in Sustainability. We’re engaging Connecting to Campus practices as part of the Sustainability Strategy and One Sydney Many People collaborations, and exploring the potential of fee-based short courses and credentials on social impact assessment for policy professionals and climate change competency for board members. 

SEI does not run undergraduate or postgraduate courses, but you may wish to explore a few environmental education courses and units available on campus:

SUST5006: Sustainability: Business and Leadership

The unit presents the relevance and importance of business mission and strategy, and will introduce the roles of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and change management.

Olet2113: global ethics: the great barrier reef

This unit explores how communities past and present have intersected with the Great Barrier Reef and how the effects of climate change, and policies designed to ameliorate its effects, impact both the reef and its communities.

Undergraduate Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies incorporates the study of both social and bio-physical phenomena within their regulatory and policy frameworks, and is therefore inherently multi-disciplinary. It provides students with an understanding of the governance frames in which their professional careers in the environment sector will operate. 

Faculty of Science – Sydney Sustainability Program

In this one-and-a-half-year postgraduate course you will boost your education with an understanding of complex sustainability challenges and discover tools to measure, report on and identify solutions to these challenges. 

Music, Environment and Climate Change (MUSC3641)

Through this unit, students will understand not only the ways that, for millennia, music has a central role in the way that humans record, transmit and promote understandings of many different aspects of the environment, but also how it functions today and how it may help in solving environmental problems of the future.