SEI research germinator

Discuss and explore the big challenges and questions that animate multidisciplinary environmental research today in this researcher workshop.

This workshop aims to energise new and continuing collaborations within and beyond SEI by inviting researchers and research teams to present five-minute proposals highlighting a topic that they feel requires additional attention and might form the basis of a future SEI collaboration. These proposals might centre on a concrete research project, a pressing challenge or problem, or a broader conversation/dialogue that might yield productive insights.

What are the big questions and issues that we, as a multidisciplinary environmental research community, ought to be focusing on and responding to? You can read more about the research we are doing at the Sydney Environment Institute here.

This session is about the development of new ideas and relationships that could be the basis of future collaborations and possible funding applications. We’ll be in touch later in the year regarding potential research funding schemes.

This workshop is open to University of Sydney researchers only. If you would like to sign up to offer a five-minute proposal, or you would like to just attend and workshop ideas with others, please register by Monday 8 August 2022.