Call for submissions: SEI Student Series on Climate Adaptation

21 February 2023
We are inviting University of Sydney students to write for the Sydney Environment Institute as part of our Student Series.

For our 2023 Student Series, we are interested in submissions under the theme of Climate Adaptation.

What does it look like to meaningfully adapt to the climate crisis? As the harsh impacts of climate change become increasingly clear, a focus on mitigation and resilience is no longer sufficient. Radical, systemic shifts to support functioning ecologies and societies are needed to ensure a just and sustainable future.

We’re keen to hear from students exploring diverse areas of climate adaptation, such as food systems change, designing cities, strengthening community resilience in response to climate disasters, and ensuring justice in planning, as well as support for the functioning and flourishing of the more-than-human world.

Contributions may include the following formats:

  • A mini essay on an adaptation topic area
  • A Q+A with one of SEI’s researchers
  • An exploration of a relevant impact case study
  • Creative non-fiction and stories
  • A reflection on the research/ideas explored in our upcoming Adaptation event series (to be announced in late March, covering areas including transport, energy, finance, food, cities, inclusion of traditional knowledge, and more)

As a multidisciplinary research institute, we aim to broaden and develop scholarly and public discourse on climate change and other significant environmental issues. Therefore, we welcome students in any degree, majors and disciplines at the University of Sydney to pitch an idea.

Please see SEI’s research themes to learn more about our focus areas, and in particular, the research within our Climate disaster and adaptation and Transitioning Systems themes.

Why should you write for us?

  • Have your writing published online for the Sydney Environment Institute, with potential republication in other outlets
  • Develop your writing skills and the opportunity to work with an editor
  • Engage in public discourse on climate issues
  • Share your knowledge and passion for the environment

How to apply

Please email SEI’s Content Editor Emma Holland ( with ‘SEI Student Series’ in the email title. Please include the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your degree and faculty enrolled in
  • Climate adaptation topic area you plan to write about
  • Blog pitch: describe what you’d like to write about and what approach you’re considering (300 words maximum)

If you are unsure about your pitch idea, please get in touch as we are happy to workshop ideas. Deadlines and further information will be provided if your pitch idea is accepted. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Header image: University of Sydney by EQRoy via Shutterstock, ID: 720605812.

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