Future climate imaginaries

How are communities already acting in response to climate-changed futures?

How people collectively imagine climate changed futures will shape how those futures unfold. How can we uncover, understand, elevate, engage, nourish, communicate, and implement a range of climate imaginaries that will better support just action in the face of a climate changing world? This project brings together broad, experienced, multi-disciplinary teams from across the global north and south to explore different and intersecting imaginaries that are shaping how diverse communities are already acting in response to climate-altered futures. 

The central goal of the Climate Imaginaries project is to produce knowledge, multimedia communications and praxes for how writers, artists, humanities scholars, and social and natural scientists can more effectively collaborate to build climate imaginaries that will support just transformations and adaptations. It will explore and synthesise the different dimensions across which social imaginaries are constituted through the arts, social and political practices and scientific modelling. 

The project is driven by an insistence on understanding whose stories are told, the multiplicity and location of different imaginaries, and the many methods adopted to learn about and communicate imagined futures. We are particularly interested in 'banished' or 'marginalised' knowledges and knowledges from below, a capacious understanding of imaginaries from across discipline and methodological innovation. 

Contributors: Professor Danielle Celermajer, Professor David Schlosberg


Grounded imaginaries

Amplifying transformative imaginaries