Listening to the Earth

Connecting to our environment through sound

Listening to the Earth is a project focused on listening, connecting, and understanding our environment through the medium of sound. The project will deploy a speculative process to the discipline of listening via the design of unique instruments that listen. The goal of the project is to engage with environmental concerns through the medium and metaphor of sound.  

With sound at the core of the project, sound becomes not only the object of enquiry, but a medium of dissemination and discourse unto itself. In addition to textual outputs including an article, key outputs of the project will be sound-based creative work including performances, recordings as well as the listening devices themselves as sound installation pieces.

Additional outcomes will include a creative symposium, workshop and showing to leverage discourse, collaborators, and partnerships within and beyond the university as well as funding applications to arts and research agencies. 

This project is supported by SEI’s 2023 Collaborative Grants Scheme.

Contributors: Dr Diana ChesterAssociate Professor Damien Ricketson

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