Productivity Workshop

Beat the overwhelm: creating mental space and clarity for more productive research
Back by popular demand, our online workshop is designed to help you boost your productivity with the 'Getting Things Done' (GTD) system.

Who: Postgraduate research students and academics with interests in Southeast Asia
When: Monday 7 February 2022, from 12:30-16:30 (AEDT)
Where: Online via Zoom

Whether you’re a committed list maker, a haphazard scribbler of notes or someone who works their best under deadline, staying on top of multiple areas of focus is a constant struggle for most academics. What would it be like to be not only on top of your responsibilities, but to have the mental space for more creative, flexible and deep thinking?

Ever wondered how the SSEAC team gets so much stuff done? This SSEAC Productivity Workshop introduces you to a methodology known as Getting Things Done, which will help you tackle those post-it notes – and that inbox – for good. In the process, you will learn how to reduce decision-making fatigue, plan your days more strategically, and create space to do the things you really love.

This half-day workshop, facilitated by Professor Michele Ford, is a deep dive into the Getting Things Done approach as implemented through the Todoist App. These terms might be unfamiliar, but they hold the promise of a more organized and balanced approach to your work (and beyond).


This workshop is open to anyone working on Southeast Asia. It is suitable for postgraduate students and academics. It is recommended that you invest in the Todoist Pro app ($47 for an annual license) prior to attendance. If you’d prefer to wait until you’re convinced that GTD is right for you, download the free version (which is missing some of the key features to allow full implementation of the system). 

You must be a SSEAC member to attend – sign up here.

Applications are now closed.