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Photo of three Myanmar fishermen using their feet to paddle the boat's oar, as seen from above

SSEAC Emerging Scholars Conference

A conference for postgraduate students and early career researchers

The SSEAC Emerging Scholars Conference provides a forum to bring together expertise on Southeast Asia from postgraduates and early career researchers at the University of Sydney and beyond.

Who: Higher Degree by Research Students and Early Career Researchers with interests in Southeast Asia
When: Wednesday 28 July 2021, 10:00-17:00 (AEST)
Where: Online via Zoom

This conference is an opportunity for postgraduates and early career researchers working on Southeast Asia-related topics to present their research in preparation for upcoming conferences. It’s also a chance for academics, practitioners and the wider community to engage with the next generation of Southeast Asia research excellence.

The conference is multidisciplinary, with sessions organised across SSEAC’s five areas of research strength to go beyond disciplinary boundaries:

  • Economic and social development
  • Environment and resources
  • Health
  • Heritage and the arts
  • State and society

Prior to the conference, you are invited to watch the speakers’ video presentations on our YouTube channel. Please note that Zali Fung's video presentation is available upon request only - please email us at if you would like to access the video. 

On the day of the conference, Wednesday 28 July, you are invited to join live panel discussions with our speakers, organised by thematic cluster. Find the full schedule and registration links below.

Schedule - Wednesday 28 July 2021

Time (AEST) Session
Presenter Paper

Session 1:


and the Arts

Dr Jarrah Sastrawan A Methodology of Loss for Southeast Asian History
Dr Cheng Nien Yuan 'The Theatre is Probably the Safest Place to Be': COVID-19 and the Arts in Singapore
Pan Htwa Myo Sein Cultural Evidence of the Buddha at the Borobudur
10:45-11:00 Break

Session 2:


Ratih Arruum Listiyandin Cultural Adaptation of an Internet-Delivered Mindfulness Intervention for University Students in Indonesia
Nurhafilah Musa Federalism and the Pandemic: The Malaysia Experience
11:45-12:00 Break

Session 3:

State and Society

Dr Evan Doran Carrots and Sticks for Quantity and Quality: Indonesian Social Science Research Productivity And Culture
Ulfah Muhayanj Am I Included? Educational Inclusion of Minority Children in Indonesia
Dr Paul-David Lutz 'We Used to Have Lice’ – Ethnicity and Internal Orientalism in Upland Laos
Zali Fung The Uneven Geographies of the Nam Yuam Water Diversion Project in the Salween River Basin: Participation, Exclusion and Resistance
12:45-13:00 Break

Session 4:

Economic and Social Development

Georgia Fagan Alleviating Gender-Based Disadvantage Among Forcibly Displaced Rohingya Populations
Daniel Howell Knowledge, Perceptions and Management of Plant Diseases in the Rice-Growing Regions of Northwest Cambodia
Porntida Tanjitpiyanond How Counter-Mobilisation Strategies fuel Public Support for Social Change Movements in Thailand
13:45-14:00 Break

Session 5:

Economic and Social Development

Tanvir Uddin Is there an Ethical Alternative and Normatively Preferred Microfinance Model?
Muhammad Hafidz Lidinillah Paradoxical Provision on the Hajj Funds Management Law of Indonesia
Zuhairan Yunmi Yunan The Causes and Consequences of Corruption in Indonesia at the Sub-National Level
14:45-15:00 Break

Session 6:

Environment and Resources

Aye Sandar Phyo Farmers’ Livelihood Strategies in Central Dry Zone of Myanmar: Not Sticking to Farming, but Sticking to the Land
Abner Yalu Social Network Measures Influencing Adoption of Ecological Sustainable Farming Practices: A Case Study of Cocoa Farmers in Southeast Sulawesi Province of Indonesia
Mia Dunphy Rural Households Entangled in the Edible Birds’ Nest Trade: Shifting Rural Livelihoods Across Gender and Generation in Kapuas Hulu, Indonesia
Thai Van Nguyen Gender-Livelihoods-Water Nexus and Resilience to Flood Disasters: Case Studies in Flood-prone Areas of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
15:45-16:00 Break

Session 7:

Environment and Resources

Chieh-Ming Lai Learn to Transform Bangkok: Urban Greenery as Workplace
Dr Thong Tran Responding to Transboundary Water Challenges in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta: In Search of Institutional Fit
Emily Nabong A Systematic Review of Climate Change and Migration Decision Factors in the Philippines
Ruchie Mark Pototanon Flood and Policy: Typhoon Frank and Government Intervention in Iloilo City