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16 April 2024

Ghost roads in South-East Asia speed nature's destruction

Unauthorised road building in tropical forests is accelerating habitat destruction. Professor Josh Cinner, with colleagues from James Cook University, found that there were up to six times more actual roads than those recorded in official datasets.
12 April 2024

Advancing science communication in Indonesia

Professor Sonja Van Wichelen has been awarded a competitive Australia-Indonesia Institute grant to lead a new project aimed at advancing science journalism in Indonesia with a focus on planetary health.
20 March 2024

50 years of ASEAN-Australia relations

A wrap-up of the major initiatives and bilateral agreements announced at the 2024 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit
06 March 2024

Australia-ASEAN Council Grant awarded for cross-cultural project

Dr Natali Pearson was awarded significant funding in the latest round of Australia-ASEAN Council Grants for a cross-cultural capacity-building project on maritime collections across Southeast Asia
01 March 2024

How an invasive bee colony defied a genetic bottleneck

In 2007 a single Asian honeybee swarm appeared in North Queensland. There are now more than 10,000 colonies. Dr Ros Gloag has found surprising adaptability despite low genetic diversity, which could be a good sign for species facing population collapse.
28 February 2024

Nickel and lithium: Cooperation or competition with Indonesia?

The ‘critical minerals’ bubble has seemingly burst. What does it mean for Australia’s geopolitical strategies?
21 February 2024

Why has it been difficult to create smoke-free areas in Indonesia?

Research on the rollout of top-down regulations in Indonesia such as the 2012 smoke-free area regulation shows that the nature and pace of bylaws are often shaped by local-level political priorities.
25 January 2024

Centralised social networks potentially hinder innovation

Social systems where influence is centred around one or two individuals can lead to pack mentality and group think in farming communities, according to new research.
16 January 2024

Is Jokowi paving the way for an Indonesian political dynasty?

By installing his son as the Presidential frontrunner's deputy, Joko Widodo may continue to wield power long after he leaves office. Indonesian law expert Professor Simon Butt and his colleague explain how this was engineered in The Conversation.
26 December 2023

'Maintain Asian forest diversity to avoid climate change impact'

Research suggests that conservation of Asian forests now can help resist impacts from climate change.