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08 September 2022

Stone age surgery: earliest evidence of amputation found

A team of Indonesian and Australian researchers have uncovered the oldest case of surgical amputation to date in Borneo. The find presents a remarkable feat in human prehistory.
31 August 2022

Reconnecting with peers on the PhD pathway

While doing a PhD can sometimes feel like a solo journey, it doesn’t have to be a lonely one, writes University of Sydney researcher Dadung Ibnu Muktiono.
12 August 2022

ASEAN in Focus 2022: Strengthening engagement with Southeast Asia

Now in its tenth iteration, our annual ASEAN in Focus event explored how Australia can build more meaningful ties with Southeast Asia and address shared challenges.
05 July 2022

Next generation of creative minds tackle real-world issues in Southeast Asia

Master of Commerce students developed a range of creative responses to real-world challenges in Southeast Asia as part of an initiative developed by the University of Sydney Business School and the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre.
15 June 2022

Improving smallholder livelihoods

Associate Professor Jeffrey Neilson reflects on fieldwork in Vietnam as part of a four-year project to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the Central Highlands region.
10 June 2022

2022 Publishing highlights: New books on Southeast Asia

From politics to history, education and the environment, these new books by SSEAC’s members showcase a diversity of interests and insight on all things Southeast Asia.
25 May 2022

“Building Back Better” than what?

After natural disasters, communities are often encouraged to “build back better”. But is it possible to build back safer, and if so, how?
19 May 2022

Politics in Action 2022: Polls, the pandemic, and civil society in Southeast Asia

Back in person in 2022, our annual Politics in Action forum focused on the latest political, social and economic developments in six countries of Southeast Asia.
05 May 2022

Over the counter: Tracking inappropriate antibiotic supply by pharmacies in Vietnam

University of Sydney-led research finds that inappropriate antibiotic supply is common in community pharmacies across Vietnam, a practice that contributes to antimicrobial resistance.
26 April 2022

Addressing the barriers to vaccination in Southeast Asia

The COVID-19 pandemic has put vaccine coverage in the global spotlight and there is growing awareness of the need to understand the factors that may support or inhibit people from being vaccinated.