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19 December 2023

SSEAC writing retreat supports researchers to achieve their goals

SSEAC’s popular writing retreat provides postgraduate and early and mid-career researchers an end of year boost.
29 November 2023

2023 SSEAC Grants Scheme winners announced

SSEAC awards 2023 Grants Scheme funding to early- and mid-career researchers and collaborative research projects.
23 November 2023

Bridging research and policymaking: 6th Conference on Human Rights

The Conference on Human Rights provides a platform for academics, activists and practitioners to explore human rights issues in Southeast Asia and beyond.
10 November 2023

Deconstructing disaster risk creation across Indonesian settlements

PhD candidate Grace Muir shares the motivation for her research on disaster risk creation processes in the built environment and her experience at the Aceh International Workshop and Expo on Sustainable Tsunami Disaster Recovery held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
19 September 2023

Interdisciplinarity in Action

A student experience reflection. By Isabelle Powell.

05 July 2023

Creative minds craft solutions to Southeast Asia challenges

Master of Commerce students showcased their innovative solutions to real-world issues in Southeast Asia as part of the ‘Make a Real Difference’ initiative.
23 May 2023

Tracking transnational plastic waste in Southeast Asia

Dr Shiori Shakuto from the School of Social and Political Sciences discusses her research into the transnational problem of plastic waste in countries such as Malaysia.
18 May 2023

Politics in Action 2023: Power, polls, and political dynasties

Our annual Politics in Action forum featured timely analysis of political affairs in six Southeast Asian countries.
14 April 2023

Language lessons: issues of translation in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Supported by a SSEAC grant, Sydney Law School academics will examine issues of translation and interpretation in Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge Tribunal.
10 February 2023

Supporting disability advocates for a more inclusive future

SSEAC’s fourth leadership training course for disability advocates from Indonesia built skills and enriched perspectives during an action-packed fortnight in Sydney.