Action on Ukraine exposes Canberra's muted response on Myanmar

21 March 2022
Australia has not imposed new sanctions on Myanmar since the coup
Given the prompt, coordinated international response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, some in Myanmar are wondering why the military junta has not faced something similar, writes Dr Susan Banki.

A powerful military deliberately targeting civilians. Opponents imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Villages razed and cities surrounded. Internet access and humanitarian aid blocked. Refugees fleeing across borders in all directions.

This may sound like the war in Ukraine, writes SSEAC member Dr Susan Banki, but it is also the grim reality of Myanmar under a violent and repressive military junta that has been trying to enforce its rule since a coup in February last year. While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has rightly captured the world’s attention, the deteriorating situation in Myanmar has largely slipped from view.

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