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Unit of study_

ECOS3002: Development Economics

This unit examines the economic transformation of less-developed countries from microeconomic and macroeconomic perspectives. It covers applied topics such as education, health, nutrition, demographics, labour, agriculture and the private sector, focusing on how policies attempt to overcome market and institutional failures that are particularly acute in the developing world. Focus is given to applying theoretical and empirical tools necessary to conceptualise, analyse and interpret various issues in economic development. Applied examples from developing countries are used throughout the unit.

Code ECOS3002
Academic unit Economics
Credit points 6
ECOS2001 or ECOS2901 or ECOS2002 or ECOS2902

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. Understand the key microeconomic issues relating to economic development and poverty reduction.
  • LO2. Learn to analyze the process of economic development by utilizing simple, theoretical, micro models of the key economic issues.
  • LO3. Explore the relevant empirical tools in development microeconomics.
  • LO4. Formulate, evaluate and communicate about development policies and interventions.