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Unit of study_

IBUS6020: Enterprise Management in China

This unit focuses on China's globalising business environment from an enterprise perspective by analysing the way in which enterprises are embedded in a dynamic economic, legal and political environment and the consequences that arise for enterprise management and entrepreneurship. The unit combines theoretical analysis of the interrelationship of markets, firms and institutions with detailed, practical case studies of domestic and transnational business activities. Students are able to familiarise themselves with different types of enterprises including the local private sector, state-owned enterprises and foreign-owned enterprises operating in China as well as Chinese enterprises expanding into global markets through joint ventures, strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions.

Code IBUS6020
Academic unit International Business
Credit points 6

At the completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • LO1. demonstrate an understanding of the key institutional features of the globalising Chinese economy at the enterprise level
  • LO2. evaluate contemporary developments in China‚Äôs market economy and their impact on different types of enterprises
  • LO3. apply the conceptual tools of International Business Studies to the Chinese business environment
  • LO4. apply analytic skills to real-life management issues and communicate the results to a professional audience
  • LO5. work in small teams in presenting management solutions to enterprise stakeholders
  • LO6. demonstrate critical reflection on the link between institutions and management and how this link defines your ethical and social responsibility.