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Other strategic initiatives

Explore our previous and supporting strategic initiatives
Our commitments to sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and our 2016-20 Strategic Plan.

Beyond the core 2032 Strategy are various strategic initiatives that have underpinned significant progress in the past few years. 

On this page, you will also find an overview of our previous 2016-20 Strategic Plan and details of some of our achievements during this period.

One Sydney, Many People 2021 - 2024

As Australia’s first university, this University has a tradition of developing leadership for good – shaping change to improve the lives of those on our campus community and neighbours, as well as the local, national and international communities we serve. We celebrate the increasing voice and influence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on our campuses and in how we contribute to the social and physical environment that makes our University special.

Our One Sydney, Many People Strategy 2021-2024 (PDF, 8.3MB) is our commitment to a stronger and more accountable partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and our broader community.

Sustainability Strategy 2020

The University’s Sustainability Strategy (PDF, 4MB) was endorsed by the Senate in July and launched in August 2020, following extensive consultation with staff and students during 2019.

The strategy was informed by the expertise of and insights from a number of academics, staff and students who were involved in our steering committee, advisory group and focus area sub-working groups.

Our vision is to build and inspire communities to create a culture of sustainability both locally and globally. In our responsibility to care for Country on which our campuses lie, we will enact change. Putting our research and education into practice, we will enrich and transform lives now and for future generations.

2016-20 Strategic Plan

Underpinned by a mantra of “leadership for a better future”, our 2016-20 Strategic Plan (PDF, 1.6MB) focused on creating a place where the best researchers and most promising students can achieve their full potential.

This ambitious strategy continued the trajectory that began almost 170 years ago with our twin founding commitments to excellence and public service, and sought to position the University of Sydney as a leading institution globally and the best university in Australia.

During the previous strategy, we:

  • deepened our commitment to undergraduate education with a reinvigorated curriculum, so that our graduates will develop the skills, knowledge and values they need to thrive and lead in a rapidly changing world
  • invested in outstanding research, ensuring that our best work - work of national, regional and international impact - is well supported with the right people, equipment and physical infrastructure.
  • developed a University-wide culture that is built on our values.

The 2016–20 Strategic Plan built on our progress under our previous five-year plan. Download The University of Sydney 2011–15 Strategic Plan Performance Report (PDF, 407KB).