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Where to next?

Our focus turns to how we get to where we want to be in 2032
This is the moment for us to come together as a University community to develop and commit to an integrated action plan to deliver on this strategy.

Now that we have established where we want to be in 2032 – what we aspire to be known for – our focus turns to how we get there. 

We will implement this plan across three 3-year periods, with clear performance review points. In each phase we will commit to particular projects and initiatives to progress the strategies we have identified. At the end of each time-span, we will undertake an honest review of progress towards our aspirations, and reset for another three-year period.

The work now begins to plan the first of these three-year plans so that we can start to deliver this strategy with energy and urgency.

We have made the following commitments in 2022, with many more to follow as we work with our communities to bring our 2032 aspirations to life.

  • We will more than double our scholarship support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • We will create the Sydney Biomedical Accelerator. We will be a global leader in biomedical research, a place that attracts excellence and one that drives a new approach to research translation across the University.
  • We will expand our education offerings in Western Sydney providing new opportunities for skills development that progress our commitment to build a greater presence in this vibrant, diverse area at the heart of our city.
  • We will establish a Leadership Academy to support our emerging and future leaders.