Academic Board

Delivering education and research of the highest standards
The Academic Board oversees all academic activities and matters at the University.

The Academic Board has the principal responsibility to encourage and maintain the highest standards in teaching, scholarship and research, and to safeguard the academic freedom of the University.

The Academic Board is also responsible for:

  • overseeing the development of all academic activities of the University,
  • formulating and reviewing policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to academic matters, and
  • playing an active role in assuring the quality of teaching, scholarship and research in the University.

The University of Sydney (Academic Board) Rule 2017 outlines the functions, constitution, meeting procedures and standing committees for the Academic Board. 

Academic Board Structure

Academic Board Structure 2023

A diagram of the Academic Board Committee Structure

Meeting dates

As per Part 7 of the University of Sydney (Academic Board) Rule 2017 (pdf, 321KB), the Chair must convene at least six meetings in each calendar year.

The Academic Board is scheduled to meet 6 times in 2024. 

The composition of the Academic Board is defined by Part 3 of the University of Sydney (Academic Board) Rule 2017 (pdf 321 KB), and currently includes:

  • Chair
  • Ex officio members
  • Nominated members
  • Elected staff members
  • Elected student members
  • Appointed or co-opted members

Academic Board committees assist and advise the Academic Board in ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards and quality in teaching, scholarship and research in the University of Sydney.

University staff members may access further information via the staff intranet.

The Academic Board is supported to fulfil its functions with four (4) committees.

Academic Board Committees   

Academic Board Standards and Guidelines

In addition to the various policies and procedures approved by the Academic Board, the Academic Board also approves certain standards and develops guidelines in a range of areas.

The Coursework Policy 2021 makes reference to the following admissions criteria, which may be faculty-specific but which must be approved by the Academic Board:

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to Higher Degrees by Research and also develops guidelines in this area as set out below:

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to teaching and curriculum issues, as listed below:

The Academic Board Guideline – Grade Descriptors (pdf, 45KB) lists the various codes that are in use or have historically been used for student results. The Flexsis grades provided were in use until 31 December 2014.


Declan Davies

Manager, Academic Governance (Acting)
  • Michael Spence Building F23