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Cultural diversity

Celebrating cultural diversity across our community
At the heart of our values is a commitment to celebrating the richness of diversity and the depth it brings to our workplace and campuses.

From our foundation as a University ‘for all’, the University of Sydney has been committed to inclusion, and this commitment is still reflected in our values today.

We value different and unique perspectives offered by diversity in all its various forms, and believe this is reflected in the strength of our work. We aim to ensure a sense of belonging for staff and students and that they find an environment that values the contribution they can make.

Supporting culturally diverse staff and students

Find out more about our commitment to creating higher education and leadership opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and valuing Indigenous culture.

There are more than 40 student clubs and societies based around ethno-cultural connections and many others uniting people across cultures with a shared passion.

Staff are invited to join our Mosaic Network which aims to accelerate inclusion and develop a shared understanding of diversity and leadership at the University by bringing together and empowering staff from all cultural backgrounds.

The Mosaic Network's vision is to create a workplace where cultural diversity is understood, accepted and celebrated as a powerful asset to achieving our mission as a higher education institution and to influence thinking within and beyond the boundaries of the University.

This intensive 10-month program is a University-wide targeted effort to support culturally diverse women employed at the university to achieve their leadership potential.

As a university we are making great efforts to create diverse and equitable leadership and break down barriers to equality. This program contributes to that work by fostering sponsor relationships between high-potential culturally diverse senior advocates and the University Executive. The primary objectives of the program are to accelerate culturally diverse women’s careers, and bolster leadership success at the University.

Culture Chat: Cultural diversity

Dr John Yu Fellowship: supporting leadership in cultural diversity

Australia’s multicultural success is not yet fully reflected in our organisations and institutions. The Dr John Yu Fellowship is for leaders and organisations who want to excel at cultural diversity and inclusion.

Reporting racial discrimination

If you need to report an incident of racial discrimination call our confidential helpline, 1800 SYD HLP (1800 793 457).

If you're feeling unsafe on campus or you're concerned for the safety of others, call Campus Security on 02 9351 3333 24 hours a day. Security patrol officers can assist by escorting you from a building to your vehicle, to the local bus stop or to the local railway station.

Students can also access Student Counselling for support, and staff can contact Employee Assistance Program at any time.

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