Students participating in university widening participation program

Widening access to university

Valuing social inclusion and student equity
We work with students from a low socio-economic background, rural, regional and remote areas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds to encourage participation in higher education.

We offer an extensive pre-tertiary educational outreach program (primarily focussed on Years 10-12) to build academic and cultural capacity, and we advocate for more inclusive equity-related policy, admissions pathways and inclusive practices that support increased higher education access for the students, schools and communities we work with.

What we do

We are committed to innovative, strategic initiatives that extend the depth and impact of our program. This allows us to be responsive to changes in educational contexts and new opportunities to work with young people, their schools and communities. 

Leading the development and direction of a Widening Participation Strategy (pdf, 999KB) for the University.

Advocating for more inclusive equity related policy, pathways and practices at the University of Sydney and through broader sector-wide engagement and collaboration.

We advocate for improved admissions pathways for students from low socio-economic backgrounds and the support available for those students once they are at the University of Sydney.

Identifying and positively impacting broader equity cohorts such as First in Family students enrolled at the University.

Collaborating extensively with faculties and schools to expose potential students to faculty experiences across multiple streams of activity and inquiry as part of our on-campus educational program.

Collaborating with our Education Portfolio to establish grants for academics to support widening participation and student equity-related research opportunities and projects, with the intention to grow the research base to inform policy and practice.

Are you a University of Sydney academic and want to find out more? Learn more about the research opportunities and ways of being involved at the University of Sydney. 

If you are not an academic at the University of Sydney, but would like more information about our research work, please contact us.

Our programs

We work with high school students across Sydney and regional NSW to help build both awareness and preparedness for university. Schools can participate in a range of in-person and digital activities for Year 10-12 students, designed to support students' HSC subject selection, effective study skills, exam preparation, and writing persuasive scholarship applications.

Our partners

Outreach and Access partners with a number of community organizations, schools, institutions, and intra-institutional groups to develop and deliver educational opportunities to young people across Australia. 

Outreach and Access also undertakes collaborative work with academics and university leaders to create a comprehensive approach to outreach.

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Outreach and Access

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