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05 September 2023

International Centre of Crop and Digital Agriculture opened at Narrabri

With support from the NSW Government, Australian Grain Technologies, Grains Research and Development Corporation and the NSW Wheat Research Foundation, the University is well set to tackle the challenges of 21st century agriculture.
04 September 2023

Health evidence against gas and oil is piling up, environment experts report

Scientists and medical experts have launched a report that demonstrates the many risks of oil and gas development for human health and wellbeing in Australia.
03 May 2023

How can heart healthcare be 'greener'?

A new review has shown how medical professionals in cardiology can help reduce healthcare's carbon footprint, by making small, low-cost changes in how they work.
20 February 2023

Older men seen as opinion leaders, but women drive real change

A new study, which analysed the social networks of agricultural communities on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, identified women as the most influential opinion leaders when it came to encouraging others to trial a new farming tool.
13 December 2022

Pioneering heat stress scale to be trialed in Western Sydney

Sydney researchers are developing a heat stress scale similar to a UV index, with an accompanying app to help the public handle the heat and avoid the risk of health problems from heatwaves.