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How you can contribute to our sustainability work

By working together as a University community, we can make our campuses more sustainable. Join a program or group today and help us reach our sustainability targets. Stay informed on new opportunities to get involved by joining our mailing list and following our social media

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Green Impact

The Green Impact Program is a friendly, University-wide competition designed to celebrate, inspire, and recognise the contributions of staff and students towards progressing sustainability at our University. Running from March – August each year, teams can join at any time and start completing sustainable actions from an online toolkit. 

  • Learn how to be a changemaker and take practical action to improve sustainability on our campuses.
  • Be supported by an online toolkit packed full of resources, with support from the Sustainability Team.
  • Learn about current sustainability initiatives and create your own.
  • Collaborate with peers, meet new people, and join our growing community of sustainability champions.
  • Be awarded and recognised at the Awards Ceremony, with the opportunity to be recognised internationally. 
  • Expressions of interest for 2024 Green Impact Program now open. 
  • Key Dates: The 2024 Green Impact Program will officially commence on 21st March, however teams are encouraged to join at any time. Teams will have until 21st August to complete as many sustainability actions from the online toolkit as they would like, there is no minimum requirement of actions to complete. 
  • Joining as a team: Student, Staff and Mixed teams can join the program. There is no limit to the size of the team, so encourage your colleagues to join.
  • Joining as an individual: Please express your interest via the 2024 Green Impact EOI form. We will then match you with an existing team in the area or join you to the USYD SuperTeam.
  • Time commitment: As many or as little hours as you want, there is no expectation on the number of actions that need to be completed during the program. 

Student Opportunities

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Sustainability Action Student Life Grants

Student Life Grants provide funding and support for students to create innovative co-curricular projects that build a sense of community. 

We are offering up to $2,500 to fund projects that focus on enabling and embedding sustainability across campus life and within our community.

Projects can be submitted by an individual current student, a current student group or a student led staff supported group.

Projects funded need to align to our Sustainability Strategy and could be:

  • ‘Fix it’ workshops to encourage our community to reduce waste
  • Native pollinator projects such as green walls and rooftops and native bee gardens
  • Activating circular economy practices
  • Zero waste cooking classes or guides
  • Information and networking events such as career fairs or career nights
  • Renewable energy demonstrations
  • Workplace visits
  • Student-led volunteering initiatives that benefit the wider community e.g. charity drives organised by students
  • Sustainable research projects
  • Student-led public talks

Applications for Round 2 open in March 2024, so check the Student Life Grants page for updates. 

Make our campus and community more sustainable with a Sustainability Action Student Life Grant.

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USU and Sustainability

The University of Sydney Union is committed to a sustainable future for our campus community. They have made commitments ensuring sustainability is embedded into all that they do – from their events and cafés to their student programs and facilities.

USU run a range of events and programs throughout the year with a sustainability focus.

If you have an idea or would like to help USU with its mission to make USYD the most sustainable campus in Australia, contact

Join a student club or society committed to the environment: 

Visit the USU Clubs and Societies page to view the full list of sustainability-driven groups.

Zero Waste

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Enabler Recycling Wall

Do you have items that can’t be recycled easily at home? Tricky items such as pens, beauty products, face masks, batteries and e-waste can be dropped off at the Enabler Recycling Wall in the Wentworth Building. Look out for the baskets on the bright yellow wall just opposite the food court.

  • Located in the Wentworth Building, opposite the food court. Look out for the baskets and a bright yellow wall.
  • Open to all staff and students, use the wall to recycle tricky items for free.
  • You can recycle: pens, face masks, razors, oral health products, batteries, printing toner and e-waste.  
  • Simply bring your waste in to campus and leave it in the correct basket at the Enabler Wall. 
Green Caffeen reusable coffee cup with the University logo on it

Green Caffeen

Did you know that on average 30,000 takeaway coffee cups are used on our Camperdown/Darlington campus each week? And that disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled or composted, ending up in landfill? So, ditch the disposables and make sure you ask for your hot drink in a Green Caffeen Cup! Available at Camperdown/Darlington, Camden, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, or Northern Clinical School campuses, and nation-wide. 

You have 30 days to return your Green Caffeen cup to any participating café (on or off campus) and can have two cups checked out at a time. The cups are made from recycled materials and manufactured in Brisbane. The program will be expanded to more campuses later in the year. Download the Green Caffeen app on your phone.

Refilled plastic free vending machine


Located in the food court of the Wentworth Building, Refilled is a sustainable beverage ecosystem that eliminates single-use plastic bottles. 891 billion plastic bottles are produced every single year and less than 20% are ever recycled, with the other 80% ending up in oceans or landfill.

  • Bring your reusable water bottle and enjoy free chilled and filtered water.
  • For a small cost, you can add delicious flavours that are all natural, Australian made, low in sugar and have no artificial colours or sweeteners.
  • Boost your drink with a shot of caffeine, some essential vitamins or BCAAs.
  • Using the Refilled app you can keep track of how many plastic bottles you’ve saved and your reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Join the Refilled Community and compete with individuals and organisations to track sustainability achievements on the Global Leaderboard.

Visit Refilled for more.