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Get involved

How you can contribute to our sustainability work

By working together as a University community, we can make our campuses more sustainable. Here are some of the ways you can get involved and help us reach our sustainability targets.

National Tree Day: 30 July

Register to plant a tree at the Camperdown/Darlington Campus on Friday 30 July and help create our new native Curriculum Garden on Orphan’s School Creek Lane.

The garden will feature native plants with short pathways and seating made from 98 percent recycled plastic. The new native plants will be catalogued and added to our CampusFlora app, which is used by students as part of their experiential learning and available to all.

The co-creation of this garden is an initiative with synergies across our Sustainability Strategy, and One Sydney, Many People Indigenous strategy.

We are currently planning to proceed with this event, but this might change depending on public health orders nearer to the time. Participants will be advised accordingly if there are any changes to the event date.

Date: Friday 30 July*

Time: From 9:30am -1:45pm (there are six 30 min slots)

Location: Orphan’s Creek Lane, Camperdown/Darlington Campus (behind the Vet Sciences building)

Registration: Please register to plant a tree, as only small groups of people are able to take part in each time slot, in line with Work Health and Safety (WHS) and COVID-safe guidelines.

BioQuest: 2 August  

BioQuest is a worldwide competition among universities to discover, learn about and help map biodiversity for scientific research and conservation. BioQuest kicks off on 1 April 2021 and again on 2 August 2021 with the game lasting for a month each time.

Teams across the University will photograph, identify and share sighting of plants and animals. The more you identify, the more points for your team!

BioQuest isn't location specific, so even if you are working or studying from home you can get out and about in your local suburbs and upload your sightings.

The collected biodiversity data is shared with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the Atlas of Living Australia helping researchers, agencies, students and communities learn about Australia's biodiversity.

Teams are randomly assigned so all you have to do is complete the online application form up by 2 August.

Green Impact: entries now closed

Green Impact is a change and engagement program that encourages staff and students to commit to sustainable actions. These actions contribute to the University’s sustainability targets and help create a more sustainable future. The program runs from April to the end of September 2021.

Green Impact is a team-based competition, with a series of actions organised into bronze, silver and gold categories depending on the impact. Teams can choose to make an impact in energy and emissions, waste reduction, health and wellbeing or biodiversity.

No matter how many actions are completed, all teams are recognised and will win points. The actions can be completed either on campus or at home, so it doesn’t matter if you are working or studying remotely.

  • Get together in teams of 5-8 people with a nominated team leader. Team members don’t need to be from the same office or course.
  • Register your team and view the full action list on theGreen Impact website. Explore the Green Impact toolkit and decide on the actions your team wants to undertake.
  • Don’t forget to upload evidence when your team complete actions - such as photos, screenshots, meeting minutes or certificates. Read the Green Impact toolkit user guide for more information.

All Green Impact participants will receive a monthly newsletter with helpful tips on completing actions and information on sustainability-related events to contribute further towards our sustainability targets.

Entries for the Green Impact program are now closed.

Acts of connection: April - September

Acts of Connection is a series online webinars and seminars hosted by the same organisation that supports Green Impact, Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), and is led by all member universities.

Webinars and seminars encourage and provide guidance on various sustainability-related areas such as a beginners guide to understanding modern slavery, composting and reducing food waste and how to get started in becoming plastic-free.

Acts of Connection is available to all our staff and students during the Green Impact program cycle (April to September).

To subscribe to Acts of Connection, you first need to register as a University of Sydney student or staff member via their online form.

If you have an idea for a webinar or seminar for Acts of Connection, please email the Sustainability Team.