Research and education

Enriching lives through research education

By placing sustainability at the heart of our research and education activities and integrating sustainable practices into campus life, we aim to be a place that drives social and environmental change.

Prioritising sustainability research

As one of Australia's top research universities, our commitment to research impact and embrace of multidisciplinary initiatives has resulted in innovative research in sustainability.

Our researchers are continually breaking new ground in sustainability-related disciplines including energy generation and storage, supply chain analysis, biodiversity, healthy and sustainable food systems and climate science.

The Sydney Environment Institute was founded to bring together the environmental humanities and social sciences to understand and respond to environmental crises, but many other multidisplinary initiatives also have a sustainability stream.

Under the sustainability strategy we are putting our world-leading research into practice, trialling new and emerging research within living labs, and providing new opportunities for our students inside and outside the classroom.

Enhancing the student experience of sustainability

The University of Sydney offers a range of courses and units of study in sustainability-related disciplines including environmental science and law, renewable energy, urban design, public health and corporate sustainability.

You can choose to study sustainability in its own right, get involved in sustainability-related projects through our Industry and Community Project Units or add a sustainability flavour to your degree with our Open Learning Environment units.

Under the Sustainability Strategy 2020, our educators are working to embed more sustainability education into the fabric of our courses, including new interdisciplinary opportunities.

We aim to equip graduates with the confidence and ability to think critically, collaborate productively and influence the world. In this way, our graduates are well prepared to embrace social responsibility and recognise themselves as custodians of the future.

We recognise an element in successfully developing future sustainability leaders will be to effectively link formal education with broader opportunities to practise sustainability on campus. That's why we're engaging our students with living labs on-campus and a range of events and activities in partnership with the University of Sydney Union.