Application for fire system interruption

The following procedures must be strictly adhered to
You need to obtain authorisation from Central Operations Services before proceeding with a fire system interruption (fire isolation).

For all fire system interruptions, you need to submit an application for fire system interruption at least three working days before the commencement of the interruption. Authorisation will be provided in writing to the requestor once the interruption has been reviewed.

The interruption can only be performed by a project-appointed fire contractor or by the University Fire Services Maintenance Provider.

If using the University Fire Services Maintenance Provider to action the interruption, submit a work request through Campus Assist. You will need to provide a valid University Account Code. This can be supplied by the University manager in charge of the project.

Systems must be restored at the end of each shift or the authorised timeframe. If a system needs to be left isolated overnight, email to ensure adequate fire protection can be maintained.

You will need to provide a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) identifying the risks and measures undertaken to ensure adequate fire protection is maintained at all times in the general location of the works. This statement can be submitted along with the application for the fire system interruption.

Works/isolations cannot commence before authorisation is received from Central Operations Services.

If the fire system interruption is for hot work or dust work, a Hot Work Permit or Dust Work Permit must also be authorised before the work can proceed.