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Holstein cows in a field

Annual research showcase

Animal agriculture in the future environment
The challenges of animal agriculture in a complex social climate, fragile global ecosystem, and data-rich era are enormous. Science-driven, collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts are key to find true, long-term solutions.

The production of food and fibres from animals, collectively called ‘animal agriculture’ is of paramount importance for our planet and our long-term sustainability as human beings.

It contributes about half of the total value of the Australian agriculture. The opportunities ahead for the animal industries, driven by an ever-increasing demand for quality food and natural fibres, the potential of the country and its regions, its soils, people and natural resources, are simply immense.

Yet, the challenges are equally large. Increasing public and consumer concerns about provenance; animal welfare; environmental footprint; decreasing value of commodities; are some of the big challenges that are already upon us.

At the same time the way food and fibres are produced is changing dramatically, driven by a data-rich technological era that appears to advance at a speed too high for producers to keep up; but which also presents unique opportunities to de-commoditise and value-add, animal agriculture.

The Sydney Institute of Agriculture Animal Agriculture Research Showcase and Symposium will bring together industry and science to discuss these challenges and opportunities, whilst showcasing at the same time the variety of interdisciplinary and collaborative research already taking place.

Registrations now open: Annual Research Showcase

2019 showcase program

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Animal agriculture in the future environment

Annual Research Showcase

Wednesday 03 July 2019
8.30am - 5.30pm
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
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