Soil Security and Planetary Health Conference

3rd Global Soil Security Conference
Registration now open.

Abercrombie Building, Lecture Theatre 1130
Darlington Ln & Abercrombie St, Darlington NSW 2008
The University of Sydney
4-6 December 2018

Conference Registration Open

Conference Program

A partnership between the Sydney Institute of Agriculture and the Planetary Health Platform.

Soil security refers to the maintenance and improvement of the world’s soil resource to produce food, fibre and fresh water, while also contributing to energy and climate stability, maintaining biodiversity and protecting natural systems and human wellbeing more generally.

Planetary health is about safeguarding the health and wellbeing of current and future generations through good stewardship of Earth’s natural systems, and by re-thinking the way we feed, move, house, power and care for the world.

Soil security is an essential foundation for planetary health because the vast majority of terrestrial biodiversity is found within soil or is reliant on soils and 97% of the world’s food comes from agricultural soils. 



Conference Publishing Partner

Soil Security

A video explaining briefly what it is, and how it might be quantified.