chickpea plants in greenhouse

SUNFix Symposium

Registration now open!

The SUNFix Symposia promote basic and applied research and the practical application of biological nitrogen fixation, an environmentally sustainable process depending on solar energy in ecosystems.

When: 9:00am-3:00pm Thursday, November 5, 2020

Where: Online

The symposium supports mutual benefits through cooperative arrangements with researchers, students, inoculant manufacturers and farmers, fostering interaction between national and international institutions and agencies with industry.

SUNFix 2020 will represent a broad cross-sectional scope of research activity from Australia and New Zealand in the area of biological nitrogen fixation. Its objective is to ensure that consistent dialogue continues in this important research and agricultural activity, a case with increasing relevance as productivity and sustainability converge into common goals with level playing fields across cropping farmlands of Australia and elsewhere in the world. In light of the covid-19 pandemic, SUNFix 2020 will be delivered through an online webinar. Although we will miss our usual meeting in Sydney and the chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends, the webinar should provide ample opportunity for a greater number of participants to be involved and benefit from the day long engagement.

On behalf of the local program coordinators, the Sydney Institute of Agriculture, The Pulsford Lab and the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub – Legumes for Sustainable Agriculture, we welcome you to this online webinar and wish you a great day of exciting science and discourse on this important topic. I look forward to seeing you register and seeing you online.

Brent Kaiser, Professor of Legume Biology

The University of Sydney