Alumni exhibit work by the sea

30 October 2017
New pavilion at Sculpture by the Sea

Bachelor of Design in Architecture alumni Sophie Lanigan and Isobel Lord’s site specific pavilion, Temple, has taken over part of Sydney's iconic coastline at Bondi as part of the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.

Sophie Lanigan and Isobel Lord’s pavilion, 'Temple', on the beach surrounded by crowds at Sculptures by the Sea

The duo were awarded the Clitheroe Emerging Sculptor Scholarship of $10,000, allowing them to create their first built work since graduating last year. Drawn together by their shared interest in architecture, art and philosophy, the pair have worked independently and collaboratively on a number of spatially explorative installations and conceptually driven works. 

Temple is an architectural ephemera reflecting the landscape beyond. “It functions as a reflective temple to time” says Lanigan and Lord. “The mirrored external walls abstract and augment the landscape; instead of placing an object on the site we present an altered reality and offer an experience rather than a thing.”

The mirrored walls are minimally offset, providing entrances and obscuring the centre piece - an altar. As individuals walk through the pavilion they are encouraged to deposit a handful of sand into the altar. “Over the course of the exhibition the altar will fill up with sand, a refrain to the passing of time and the community on the beach” explains Lanigan. 

Sculpture by the Sea runs until Sunday 5th November along the popular two kilometre Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk.

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