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Sydney alumni awarded 2018 Byera Hadley Traveling Scholarships

21 November 2018
Celebrating excellence in architectural scholarship
Master of Architecture graduates awarded Byera Hadley Traveling Scholarships, enabling young NSW architects to undertake research in cities and communities around the world.

Held last month at the Sydney Opera House, the annual NSW Architects Registration Board awarded travelling scholarships to students and graduates of an architecture program in NSW. The scholarships enable winners to undertake a course of travel, study, research or other activity approved by the Board, that is seen to contribute to the advancement of architecture.

Meet the 2018 recipients:

Anna Erica Ewald-Rice:

Pocket Guide

"The aim of my project is to develop, test and produce a practical pocket guide for use by architects and consultants when designing with Indigenous communities. Foregrounding principles drawn from ‘Freespace 2018’ Venice Biennale, centred around an ‘architecture of possibility’ it will be a tool which aids inclusive culturally sensitive designing and fosters cultural exchange."

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Lewis Evans:

Simple Dwelling

"Simple Dwelling is an architectural project that focuses on drawing the plan of the non-planned. The study is centred around instances of simple shack and cabin dwellings in coastal NSW and Tasmania.Through architectural documentation, drawing the plan, elevation and section, my research will uncover built examples of simple dwellings. The study speaks to the language of architecture, a language of drawing. It will offer to the profession vernacular responses to sure, construction and adaptation over time. To the community, it provides a dialogue with a continued story - and in most cases, will be the only documentation of this type of these particular dwellings. Not only does my research address contemporary ideas in relation to living small, it also addresses the cannon of architectural theory relating to simple dwelling, most notably seen by the likes of Martin Heidegger and Le Corbusier's Cabanon."

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Jessica Bradley:

Work to live, or live to work, how can purpose-driven business be applied to an architectural practice?

Portrait of Jessica Bradley

"Work to live, or live to work – is the answer either, or? The ‘purpose-driven’ business model is the answer to achieving both. A ‘purpose driven’ business is founded on the values and ethics it holds rather than exclusively through financial ambition. Therefore, the success of the business may likewise be studied through a combination of both financial and philosophical success. 

"My proposal investigates the practical implementation of purpose upon a company that is defined by its principles. I intend to travel to Melbourne, Berlin and Amsterdam, conducting interviews with individuals across businesses that identify as ‘purpose driven,’ to gain insight across a broad range of disciplines. This knowledge will be used to inform a practical approach specifically suitable for applying to the architectural profession."

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Alexandra McRobert

Manufacturing Affordability: America’s manufactured housing an affordable housing typology

Alexandra McRobert receiving Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship

"Australia is in the midst of a housing affordability crisis, with housing prices in Sydney reaching almost 13 times the average household income. This proposal suggests that looking to the often maligned, yet innovative and adaptable, mobile home and manufactured housing industry in the United States has the potential to provide an integrated, alternative development model to traditional housing during times of housing stress and unaffordability."

"The project includes travelling around the American countryside in an RV from LA to Chicago via the east coast, visiting the manufacturers, retailers, community providers, and residents. By exploring all aspects of the manufactured housing, it allows a more holistic understanding of the development and financial models at play within the system, as well as the architectural, constructional and ethnographic aspects of manufactured housing, to better distinguish how each aspect contributes to the affordability and continued success of the manufactured housing industry within an American context."

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