Lewis Evans: Simple Dwelling

21 November 2018
Drawing the plan of the non-planned
Master of Architecture graduate Lewis Evans has been awarded a Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship to uncover built examples of simple dwellings in coastal NSW and Tasmania.

My research project
Simple Dwelling is an architectural project that focuses on drawing the plan of the non-planned. The study is centred around instances of simple shack and cabin dwellings in coastal NSW and Tasmania.

My contribution to the architectural profession and community
Through architectural documentation, drawing the plan, elevation and section, my research will uncover built examples of simple dwellings. The study speaks to the language of architecture, a language of drawing. It will offer to the profession vernacular responses to sure, construction and adaptation over time. To the community, it provides a dialogue with a continued story - and in most cases, will be the only documentation of this type of these particular dwellings. Not only does my research address contemporary ideas in relation to living small, it also addresses the cannon of architectural theory relating to simple dwelling, most notably seen by the likes of Martin Heidegger and Le Corbusier's Cabanon."

My inspiration
My research is inspired by my upbringing, where each school holiday was spent at my family shack at Era Beach in the Royal national park/Dharawal Land.  So, in this respect, getting the opportunity to spend time travelling and documenting the shacks is really special to me.

My future
I hope for this study to build upon my interest in the architectural drawing as a means for producing meaningful and important research.