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The Mint courtyard in Sydney, lit up at night.
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Study lighting design

Impact the function and aesthetics of architectural spaces
Build a career as a lighting specialist and oversee the implementation of sustainable and innovative solutions for large-scale architecture and property projects.

What is lighting design?

Architectural lighting design shapes the visual environment experienced by building occupants. By specifying light sources and control systems, determining their spatial arrangement, and considering the interaction between light and materials, lighting designers greatly influence the function and aesthetics of architectural spaces.

There is growing demand for lighting specialists to oversee the implementation of sustainable and innovative solutions for large-scale architecture and property projects. Our Lighting Lab has been developed to allow students to study the application of emerging lighting technologies. The lab has wide range of tools for manipulating the spatial distribution of light, sensors for specifying modes of lighting control, and lights with unique spectral power distributions. 

This professional program is open to students from diverse backgrounds including architecture, engineering, computer science, interior design and psychology. It is ideal for graduates of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments.

Career pathways for graduates include employment in lighting design practices, engineering firms, lighting equipment manufacturers, architectural and design offices, lighting distributors and independent consultancies.

Lighting design courses

The Master of Architectural Science (Illumination Design) offers a strong technical education in human visual perception, methods for quantifying light, lighting technologies and sustainability.

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At the master’s level, this degree will take 1.5 years full time to complete (72 credit points). The program can also be taken at the level of:

Our inspiring students

Lighting student working on a project

Shixiong Zhou

Master of Architectural Science (Illumination Design)
Lighting and Electrical intern, Lighting, Art & Science

“This degree has equipped me with knowledge and practical experience to be a qualified lighting designer, giving me an insight of the scientific aspects behind design. More importantly, it also enhances my self-education ability so that I can adapt to the fast-changing lighting technologies in my future career.”

Jo Reed

Jo Reed

Master of Architectural Science (Illumination Design)
Director, Electric Gecko Pty Ltd

"This degree has allowed me to expand my electrical contracting business into one focused primarily on lighting, offering a design and installation solution.

"It’s a significant point of difference in the electrical contracting and lighting design professions, allowing me to design with a focus on functionality and ensuring my solutions can be implemented effectively and maintained.”

John William Armstrong

Master of Design Science (Illumination Design)

"By studying Illumination Design, I have been able to explore my creative side and gain an understanding of how lighting and architecture are related. One day I hope to start my own lighting design firm, and I know that having this qualification from the University of Sydney will hold me in good stead."


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