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Study sustainable design

Develop your professional capabilities in sustainability
Design buildings that meet the world’s need to reduce human impact on ecological systems.

What is sustainable design?

Sustainable design is the field of creating efficient and environmentally responsive buildings, and retrofitting existing buildings to meet today’s environmental demands. The key elements of sustainability in building design are site optimisation, minimal waste, reduced energy and water consumption, a holistic and integrated approach, and enhanced indoor environmental experiences.

The integrated approach of this program will give you the knowledge to address sustainability issues without compromising building functionality or profitability. The course integrates units from the architectural sciences, building services, and high‑performance buildings courses.

This program is tailored for design and related built-environment professionals who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in sustainable design, and for graduates of the Bachelor of Architecture and Environments.

Our program produces graduates who are leaders in sustainable design in many of the best-known professional firms and consultancies across Australia and Internationally.

Sustainable design courses

The Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) is industry-focussed with regular site visits, interactions with a range of international collaborators and internship opportunities with leading businesses and consultancies. You will develop the tools and approaches required for sustainable building, including construction technologies, energy analysis, lighting innovation and the integration of urban ecologies.

Related courses

At the master’s level, our Architectural Science (Sustainable Design) degree will take 1.5 years full time to complete (72 credit points). The program can also be taken at the level of:

Our inspiring students

Lisanlu Kri 

Master of Architectural Science (Sustainable Design and High-Performance Buildings)

“During my masters, I was fortunate to intern with Grosvenor Engineering Group as a building optimization intern. This was made possible by the connection the University of Sydney had with the industry. The internship gave me real responsibilities, cross-functional exposure and the opportunity to apply my knowledge from the lecture room to real-world experience.

"Working closely within the building optimization division gave me the opportunity to drive positive environmental impacts through energy efficiency, building management control system and innovative technology in high rise commercialbuildings. At my current role as a Sustainability Consultant, I get to work with clients who genuinely aim to contribute towards a sustainable society.”