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Eddie Woo

Eddie Woo

Award-winning maths teacher with a global profile
Australia’s most famous maths teacher, YouTube star and proud University of Sydney graduate Eddie Woo advocates the importance of teaching as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Education Ambassador.

Eddie’s journey of becoming a teacher began at the University of Sydney as he commenced his undergraduate degree within Arts and Social Sciences (then the Faculty of Education).

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Secondary Mathematics and Information Technology in 2008, Eddie has gone on to have a varied and successful career.

Becoming a teacher was about a personal impact on the lives of young people. I wanted to make a lasting and positive difference for someone as a great teacher.
Eddie Woo
Eddie Woo

Photo: Eddie Woo

Since the early stage of his career, Eddie has brought innovation and dynamism in his classroom including the introduction of Peer-Assisted Study Sessions to support his students. His dedication of teaching led him to record his classroom lessons for a sick student unable to attend class, which was shared more widely by his students to a global phenomenon.

Educating the next generation

Today, Eddie’s YouTube channel “Wootube” has over 1.26 million subscribers and more than 82 million views, helping struggling students across Australia and around the world to develop confidence and competence in mathematics.

 In 2018, Eddie was named Australia's Local Hero of the Year and shortlisted as one of the top 10 teachers in the world in the Global Teacher Prize. He was appointed Leader of Mathematics Growth by the New South Wales Department of Education, a role that sees him traveling around the state to run workshops for students and professional learning for teachers in addition to his teaching role.

In late 2018, Eddie was also appointed to take up the post as Education Ambassador.

Education has the power to fundamentally change the trajectory of an individual life, a family, and the wider community – so I’m delighted to work with the University and have the opportunity to inspire and guide educators of the next generation.
Eddie Woo

Like Eddie, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is committed to provide co-curricular activities and support our future leaders of Australia. We are delighted to work with Eddie and advocate the importance of teaching together.

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Visit Eddie’s website for WooTube channel, worksheets, learning resources, books and TV shows.