5 reasons why you should study a Master of Media Practice

3 December 2020
Graduate with global journalism expertise
The Master of Media Practice provides you with the skills, knowledge and insider tips to succeed in a range of journalism and media production environments.

1. Global perspectives, transferrable skills

The Master of Media Practice gives you a media education with a global perspective. 

A key driver in being a successful professional in today's media landscape is the ability to adapt your content to the different audiences, platforms and industries you’re producing in.

The Master of Media practice provides the tools that will make you an agile and resilient producer, wherever you may go. Our Media and Communications Department is ranked in the top 25 globally, so the reputation will follow you across borders, too.

2. Develop expertise in written and production skills

The course prepares you for a career across a diverse range of media including broadcast and online journalism, media liaison, writing for the media, social media communication, feature writing, media legal and ethical issues and international media practice.

Whatever challenges you face after graduation, the Master of Media Practice  will place you at the cutting edge of the field..

3. A holistic perspective

You’ll develop a sophisticated understanding of media industries, audiences and environments to complement your skills in production and practice, so that you comprehend the information ecosystems and cultures in which you’re operating.

You'll be well placed to understand the implications of your work and optimise it for success. You can also utilise facilities on campus such as our state-of-the-art audio and TV studios and become familiar with industry-standard equipment, gaining well-rounded knowledge and experience.

4. Get real-world experience while you study

Choose to undertake an internship as part of the degree to gain experience within the media industry before you’ve even entered it.

Take advanatge of the partnerships the University of Sydney has formed to land even competitive internships at top companies like the ABC and the Sydney Morning Herald and put your learning into practice.

These internships contribute to making our graduate's the most employable in Australia.

5. Design your degree around you

The Master of Media Practice is highly customisable and can be tailored to meet your individual goals and interests.

Choose electives in financial journalism, health, US politics, podcasting and more.

In addition, you can select between an internship or a dissertation for the capstone experience to get the most out of your studies. The degree has 1 year or 1.5 year full-time options, depending on your relevant education and work history, so it can adapt to the current stage of your career.

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