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New ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project launched

18 October 2022
Arts and Social Sciences students can accelerate their career opportunities
Students interested in boosting their problem-solving skills and employability can now apply for the new Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ 2023 ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project.

Following on from its Virtual Employability Fundamentals (VEF) Program for first-year students in Semester 2 2022, the Faculty is partnering again with experiential learning platform, Practera, to offer second year students places in this advanced creative problem-solving project.  

Students who enrolled in the earlier Virtual Employability Fundamentals program learned to articulate their unique value proposition and skillset through a fun, interactive 6-week journey of skills development.

I enjoyed reflecting on past experiences that were reflective of various skills. I also thoroughly valued the goal-setting aspect as it really probed me to think about how I wanted to approach my growth and development in respect to how I desire to conduct myself in professional settings.
Tanvi Devarakonda (B Economics and B Advanced Studies student, and VEF participant)

Next year FASS students are invited to join the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project, a commitment of only 25 hours over the semester, if they have completed one of the following:

  • Virtual Employability Fundamentals program

What is the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project?

The program involves students working as a team to collaboratively solve a real business challenge for a corporate, community, or government organisation. Students will receive constructive feedback from their teammates and their client throughout the experience and develop the skills required to be successful in the career of their choosing. 

Students will be able to choose the program type of interest to them:

  • Sustainable Impact - Help an organisation with a project aligned to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • International Business - Research an international market for an exporter

  • Growth Strategy - Undertake a consulting project to help your client grow

  • Digital Marketing - Analyse and enhance your client’s digital presence 

Why complete the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project?

Associate Professor Fiona Martin, Faculty Work Integrated Learning Leader, said the program will give students a taste of what it is like to consult to industry, and the chance to improve their research, project management and communication skills.

This is an example of experiential learning. Learning by doing something and discovering how you can apply the ideas and theories you are learning at university to a concrete problem. It will test your ability to work with a diverse group of people, and to respond to a client brief. You will also get a chance to think creatively about the best ways to tackle your problem, using all the critical strategies you’ve developed in first year studies.
Associate Professor Fiona Martin, Faculty Work Integrated Learning Leader

Students who complete the project will build on their foundational analytic, teamwork and organisational skills, preparing them for future placements-for-credit, paid internships, or industry community project units. Students will also expand their network with students from other disciplines in their team, or at optional in-person events during the project.

Where could the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project lead you?

This program has been designed to set students up for future internships and other industry-focused opportunities, as they develop their aspirations towards forging a career post-university, influencing decision-making, and positively shaping society.

The Deloitte Access Economics Survey 2021 shows “the most important skills in the next five years are leadership, critical thinking, and communication.” Through participating in experiences like the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project you will have the opportunity to apply your technical skills, develop your employability skills, and contribute to solving a real-world challenge for your client. This will provide you with evidence of your skills which can be used at interviews and in your CV and ePortfolio.
Brigitte McKenna, Practera Director of Programs
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Photo by Redd on Unsplash

If you take the opportunity to expand your network and make meaningful connections you never know where opportunities like this can take you. You might meet your future boss, your future colleague or discover a whole new area of career focus. You just never know until you try. Most of all, you will discover more about yourself, and the professional environment you want to enter upon graduation. This is a chance to try something new in a risk-free way – there is nothing to lose by trying and so much to gain.
Brigitte McKenna

When is the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project?

From Weeks 3 - 5; Semester 1, 2023 (Monday 6 March 2023 to Friday 24 March 2023).

Who should complete the ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project?

ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project is an interactive virtual program designed for second year FASS students in Semester 1, 2023, who have completed one of the preliminary two programs or units above.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' ArtSS Career Ready Industry Project is just one of the placement and internship opportunties with corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations so students can gain important on-the-job experience through the Faculty's interships and placements. For more, follow Artss Career-Ready on Facebook and read Student internships and placements.

Banner image: Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash