24 January 2023

How languages enrich interdisciplinary learning: curating Asian art

Shortly after completing her undergraduate studies, Arts graduate and University Medallist Jennifer Yang curated her first exhibition at a Sydney gallery. She shares how language and cross-cultural skills unlocked doors to new career possibilities.
18 January 2023

China's TV dramas: exploring the popularity of Xianxia

Dr Yu Sang from the School of Languages and Culture explores how China’s Xianxia TV dramas, a growing pop culture phenomenon in the country, are inspiring contemporary citizens to reconnect with classical traditions.

16 January 2023

Eddie Woo explores Economics at Sydney

Economics is crucial to creating unique solutions to major problems and challenges such as global warming, poverty, development, and recession, and offers a global, flexible, and highly employable qualification.
10 January 2023

International Security student joins Australia’s youth delegation to the IMF and World Bank

International Security student Afeeya Akhand attends the 2022 IMF and World Bank Group Annual Meetings as a member of Australia’s Global Voices delegation