19 April 2023

Celebrating Birriwal Guying (Strong Bird), the Gould’s Petrel on Broughton Island

Worimi community members and other stakeholders recently gathered on Broughton Island to celebrate the arrival of the Birriwal Guying (Strong Bird), the Gould’s Petrel, and learn more about the seabird conservation and cultural heritage research underway on the island.
13 April 2023

The many forms of research collaboration

In this series, academics at SSSHARC share insights into the collaborative dimensions of their research. Sophie Chao talks to us about critique, community, and care in the peer review process.
11 April 2023

Community celebration of student excellence in languages and cultures

With special guests including benefactors and official representatives from various countries, the School of Languages and Cultures held its 2023 Awards Ceremony in recognition of 94 high-achieving students for their academic performance.
05 April 2023

David Harold Tribe Poetry Award now offering $20,000 for the best original poem

This award recognises an exceptional Australian poem and provides the winning poet with funds to further their education in poetry and continue to refine their work as poets. The award aims to improve the general public's appreciation of Australian poetry.

03 April 2023

University of Sydney’s English program ranked first in Australia

The discipline of English at the University of Sydney offers a wide range of literary and cultural works, allowing students to customise their studies based on their interests.