Awards ceremony proceedings in the MacLaurin Hall

Community celebration of student excellence in languages and cultures

11 April 2023
Awarding academic excellence in language and area studies
With special guests including benefactors and official representatives from various countries, the School of Languages and Cultures held its 2023 Awards Ceremony in recognition of 94 high-achieving students for their academic performance.

The school presented a total of 67 scholarships and prizes at the University’s MacLaurin Hall on Thursday 30 March in the presence of family, friends, valued donors and distinguished guests from the local and global community.

The evening hosted officials including the Honourable Consul-General Abdul Nazar of the Republic of Indonesia and the Deputy Consul-General Karl-Heinz Schmitz of the Federal Republic of Germany, representatives from the diplomatic corps and cultural institutions of France, Greece, Italian, Japan and Korea, as well as leaders from the Buddhist, Greek, Italian and Japanese communities and foundations.

The event was opened by Uncle Michael West from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council who gave a Welcome to Country. Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Professor Lisa Adkins welcomed all in attendance and acknowledged the School of Languages and Cultures’ contribution to the University’s first-place position in Australia for Arts and Humanities in the recent 2023 QS World University Rankings*.

Head of School Professor Yixu Lu applauded all scholarship and prize winners on their achievements of excellent results and the “courage in choosing language-based disciplines”. She highlighted the importance of language learning and authentic cross-cultural competence in light of the world’s pressing challenges from climate change to geopolitical tensions.

“The ability in understanding different cultures can bring people together,” Professor Lu said in her address to award recipients. “You will become the driving force for promoting peace and understanding between nations and cultures. The future of our planet will be shaped by your knowledge and effort.”

We are very proud of the wealth of languages we offer and its long tradition of teaching languages – with the very first subjects offered to students over 160 years ago. Our diversity encompasses major languages of Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Professor Yixu Lu, Head of School of Languages and Cultures

Professor Lu also expressed thanks to consular and business partners, donors, as well as students’ family and friends whose generosity and support enable high-achieving students to be recognised and to continue the path of language studies.

Master of Ceremonies Professor Vrasidas Karalis added that the continuing generosity of donors enables the celebration of academic ethos and student excellence, as well as the progress of intellectual curiosity and advancement at the University that lay the foundations for future careers.

He also acknowledged the school’s academics and teaching staff “whose continuous and tireless involvement in teaching and pedagogy helped maintain the highest standards of learning and teaching in the whole of Australia.”

As a signature of the school’s award ceremonies, this year’s cultural performance featured music and language students Ella Orehek-Coddington as mezzo-soprano and Jamie-Lee Xu on piano. Operatic songs included "Der Engel" and "Schmerzen" from Richard Wagner's 'Wesendonck Lieder' with text by Mathilde Wesendonck, "Nacht und Träume" by Franz Schubert with text by Matthäus von Collin and "Erlkönig" by Franz Schubert with text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

For recent Bachelor of Arts (Honours) graduate and University Medallist Vivienne Goodes, who received a total of six prizes and scholarships during the course of her undergraduate studies, the awards gave her the boost in confidence to achieve academically.

“I’m grateful for the support I’ve received during my degree,” shared Vivienne. “It’s so rewarding to receive recognition for the effort and thought put into my studies.”

Having majored in area studies, which focuses on past and present societies of a particular region, Vivienne reflected on the importance of multilingualism and study of diverse cultures:

Studying languages and cultures gives people access to a variety of human experiences and different ways of seeing the world. Effective communication with people from diverse cultural backgrounds is rightly seen as a valuable employability asset in today’s interconnected world.
Vivienne Goodes, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Hons I and University Medal) graduate (European Studies and Politics and International Relations majors)

“A genuine interest in other cultures is important in so many situations. It comes with respect, open-mindedness and a willingness to listen to others’ stories,” said Vivienne.

Ranked first in the state and top 40 globally for Modern Languages*, the University of Sydney's School of Languages and Cultures offers a wide range of languages and in-depth studies of the world's cultures.

Warm congratulations to our scholarship recipients and prize winners for the 2022 academic year:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Helen Chen
Dannii Hudec

Charles Herbert Currey Memorial Scholarship

Emanuela Canini
Josephine Goldman
Anam Haq
Jungeun Ji
David Potter
Gavin Waldron
Jinming Yuan
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Doctoral Research Travel Grant Scheme
Eva Boleti Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Postgraduate Research Scholarship
School of Languages and Cultures
Pip Boge
Ming En Vivienne Kew
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Languages)
Exchange Scholarship
Leo Barry
Vanessa Caspersz
Xun Chen
Eleanor Edstrom
Arina Filippovich
Caitlin Flint
Sam Law
Amelia Milne
Rebecca Ren
Claire Thom
Lachlan Van Der Heyde-Schreuder
Eliza Woolnough
Language Student Travel Scholarship
Arabic Language and Cultures
Genevieve Peters
Eliza Vandersman
Thomas Youkhanis

Lebanon Ladies’ Association Scholarship in Arabic Studies

Raeesah Rana
Danielle Rifahi
PD Jack Prize
Asian Studies

Lingxuan Zhu

Khyentse Foundation Award for Excellence in Buddhist Studies

Dorjee Wangdi

The Khyentse Foundation Scholarship

Chinese Studies
Junzhe Li
Ye Tian
Samantha Xu
Jinming Yuan
Hongye Zhao
AR Davis Postgraduate Research Memorial Scholarship

Edmond Liang

Li Zuoji Prize in Chinese Language

Heidi Xing

The Chinese Studies Alumni Bursary

Axel Melkonian

The Chinese Studies Travelling Bursary

Yunjie Hu
Leon Liu
The Raymond Hsu Scholarship

Rachael Ouyang

Winston G Lewis Prize in Chinese History

European Studies

Vivienne Goodes 

EU Ambassadors Prize
Michael Benedict Feeney
Cameron Anthony Hamann
Robert Schuman Prize
Sarah Dezsenyi The European Studies Konrad Adenauer Prize
French and Francophone Studies
Eamonn Murphy Anne Bates Memorial Scholarship for French
Therese Briganti Banque Nationale de Paris Prize for French
Tabitha Sides Garton Scholarship No I for French
Yongtong Chen Graham Jones Prize for French 
Eamonn Murphy Ian David Armfield Memorial Prize (French)
Lindsey Stevenson Margaret Ann Bailey Memorial Prize for Honours in a Modern European Language
Lindsey Stevenson Peter Edward Moran Memorial Prize for French
Olivia Loukas Ronald Horan Prize for French 
Yijia Zhang Sonia Marks Memorial Prize for French
Yijia Zhang French Embassy Prize I
Therese Briganti French Embassy Prize II
Olivia Loukas French Embassy Prize III
Germanic Studies
Liam Driscoll
Nina Ulrika Power
Austrian Embassy Prize
Harry Wagstaff Enid Watson Memorial Scholarship in Germanic Studies
Ula Chan Garton Scholarship No IV for German
Ivy Johnston Garton Scholarship No V for German
Daniel Cherepinskiy Ian David Armfield Memorial Prize (German)
Peter Anthony Stephens Goethe Prize in German Studies for German Honours
Peter Anthony Stephens Emilie M Schweitzer Scholarship in French and Germanic Studies
Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies
Eveline Handby Bernard and Lotka Ferster Scholarship for First Year Beginners’ Modern or Classical Hebrew
Roland El-Khoury The Bernard and Rodia Ferster Prize
Lior Yoffe The Bernard and Rodia Ferster Prize
Crystal Hong
Aviva Winton
John Rector Scholarship in Jewish Studies
Charlene Zulman The Percy Joseph Marks Prize for Advanced (3000 Level) Modern Hebrew 
Eveline Handby The Percy Joseph Marks Prize for First Year Beginner’s Classical or Modern Hebrew 
Matthew David Anthonisz The Percy Joseph Marks Prize for Senior Classical Hebrew
Genevieve Ball The Percy Joseph Marks Prize for Intermediate (2000 Level) Modern Hebrew 
Indonesian Studies
Olivia Tilocca Asian Students’ Council’s 1963 Festival of Asia Prize for Proficiency in Indonesian Studies Second Level
Joanna Vogeley Carole Muller Award (Fieldwork)
Taryn Cameron
Xinhang Christine Du
FH van Naerssen Memorial Prize for Indonesian Studies
Italian Studies
Georgia Clunas Countess EM Freehill Prize No I for First Year Italian
Tabitha Sides Countess EM Freehill Prize No II for Second Year Italian
Alexandra Zogopoulos Rosina Tedeschi Memorial Prize for Italian Conversation
Amelia Milne The Frances Merenda Travelling Scholarship
Jack Woods The Judith Russell Ryan Scholarships in Memory of Signora Tedeschi
Japanese Studies
Seohyun Kim AL Sadler Prize for Excellence in Japanese Studies
Luke Cromer AR Davis Postgraduate Research Memorial Scholarship
Cecilia Cheng
Silvia Liu
Emily Machin
The Sakuko Matsui Australia-Japan Friendship Scholarships
Cindy Purvis Sakuko Matsui Prize for Excellence in Japanese Literature
Korean Studies
Kimia Nassaj
Yun-Shiow Tsai
Korean Education Centre Prize
Jungeun Ji The Frank Coaldrake Scholarship
Songyao Li
Hiu Ching Tang
Top Media Prize
Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies
Olympia Thea Nelson Modern Greek Foundation Award
Anargyros Kallos Order of the Australian Hellenic Education Progressive Association Scholarship in Modern Greek
Aidan Limnios Robert William Henderson Memorial Prize
Anna Chrysanthou The Modern Greek Studies Foundation Prize in Modern Greek Studies 2
Christie Lucas The Modern Greek Studies Foundation Prize in Modern Greek Studies 3
Anna Chrysanthou
Pandora Ktenas
Nelly Sempsis
The Politis Family Scholarship in Modern Greek and/or Byzantine Studies
Information for scholarships and prizes listed above are provided where their respective pages are available on the University's website at the time of this article's publication.

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*2023 QS World University Rankings by Subject

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