25 October 2023

From Museum and Heritage Studies to climate crisis awareness

Before graduating, Museum and Heritage Studies student Lisa McKeever interned at the Australian Museum. She now works for the museum's philanthropy department full-time.
24 October 2023

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences announces new Head of School

With 16 years of experience working in the School of Education and Social Work, Associate Professor Kelly Freebody will now take up a senior leadership position as Head of School.
24 October 2023

Exploring how emoji apps can help teach First Nations languages

Kaytetyemoji is a language learning app that helps people learn the endangered Kaytetye language. Honours student Bridey Lea joined the project to help understand how apps can help strengthen First Nations languages for future generations.
06 October 2023

New study reveals teenagers’ social media use and safety concerns

Research involving 1200 young people and parents identified removing content from platforms, seeing unsolicited content, and physical discomfort as key negative experiences. They ask government and industry to do more.