Excellence in research
SSSHARC curates a changing roster of interdisciplinary and collaborative research nodes that foreground excellence, innovation, creativity and engagement in the humanities and social sciences at their broadest stretch.
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We leverage the high reputation of HASS-related research at the University to capitalise on external funding opportunities. Specifically, we

-  Create/promote incubation opportunities to enable competitive funding applications

-   Build capacity and transparency around the funding journey

-   Deliver a program to help researchers diversify funding streams

-   Scaffold leadership opportunities for academics and professional staff into all our activities

We deepen relationships and foster innovation and excellence by modelling a non-hierarchical collaborative research ecology. Specifically, we

-  Encourage meaningful engagement in an open and playful environment

-   Create a network of support and shared language around research engagement

-   Develop outward-reaching engagement programs

-   Activate our competitive fellowship schemes for broader collaboration

We celebrate and share research findings, insights, and methodologies with diverse audiences and communities of practice. Specifically, we

-   Spotlight and amplify research excellence

-    Connect researchers with University resources around media, communications, engagement, social enterprise, and commercialisation

-    Create opportunities for knowledge transfer between academics and early career researchers

-    Are committed to diversity in all dimensions of research and research engagement. 

2024 Fellowship Collaborations

Our Gilbert Fellows are:

- Dr Michael Robinson (Liverpool University, soon to be Birmingham) will be working with Professors Stephen Garton and Julia Horne on the archives of local psychiatric institutions.

- Dr Arthur Rose (Exeter) will be hosted by Professor Mark Byron with whom he shares an interest in the mineral humanities.

- Dr Arianna Traviglia (Instituto Italiano Tecnologia) will work with Associate Professor Georgia Alu, Dr Chiara O’Reilly, and Candace Richards on a project involving archival research into the provenance of items in the Chau Chak Wing Museum.

Our Hunt-Simes Fellows are:

- Dr Teagan Bradway (SUNY Cortland) will be contributing to the delivery of HISS 2024 in the form of a workshop on queer relationality. They will be hosted by Dr Susan Potter.

- Dr Marika Cifor (University of Washington) will be working with Professors Kane Race, Warwick Anderson, and Sonja Van Wichelen on a project around how LGBTQI+ and HIV+ people document their lives and social movements.

- Dr Adam Greteman (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) will returning to HISS a second time to guide us around the philosophy of queer education.

- Professor Yuko Itatsu (University of Tokyo) will be walking us through issues around Artificial Intelligence and diversity.

- Professor Pamela Lannutti (Widener University) will be bringing her expertise in queer relationship counselling to HISS 2024.

- Professor Heather Love (UPenn) will offer a series of workshops in queer method, the uses of the personal in academic criticism, and teaching disability studies with faculty from across the University.

- Dr Geoffrey Maguire (Cambridge University) will be coming in to work with Dr Pao-chen Tang, Professor Elspeth Probyn and Dr Vek Lewis on a project around queerness and the aquatic in film, literature and visual arts.

- Dr Martín Torres (University of Chile) will be contributing his knowledge of trans cultural geographies to HISS 2024.

- Dr Sam Stiegler (Colgate University), will be returning to HISS 2024 as an expert in queer, trans and non-youth studies and mobile methodologies.

Our James Fellows are:

- Associate Professor Christian Ehret (University of North Carolina), will be working with Associate Professors Jen Scott Curwood and Marcus Carter on student learning and engagement with Young Adult Games.

- Professor Sue Winton (York University, CA) will work with Professor Nicole Mockler on a special issue on education privatization and commercialization in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Dr Indigo Willing (Griffith), will work with Dr Sanne Mestrom and Associate Professor Lian Loke (architecture, Design and Planning) on an interdisciplinary research symposium around the social, creative and design aspects of skateboarding.



Humanities as Cultural Heritage - ICOMOS

From 4-8 September 2023, the 21st General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)will be held in Sydney, Australia. In collaboration with the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre (SSSHARC), the Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutes (CHCI) is sending three humanities experts in cultural heritage to attend the General Assembly (GA2023) as part of its official delegation of ambassadors.

Funded by CHCI, and supported by SSSHARC, the ICOMOS ambassadors will strengthen existing networks and promote the importance of the role of universities and humanities centres in preserving and shaping ideas around cultural heritage, including non-tangible cultural heritage.

Dr Louise Cooke, senior lecturer in Conservation from the University of York, is a conservation expert interested in sustainability, historic buildings, archaeological sites and landscapes.

Dr Tristen Jones, lecturer in the Master of Museum and Heritage Studies program at the University of Sydney, is a cultural heritage specialist who specialises in recording and managing Australian Indigenous cultural landscapes, with a focus on rock art, intangible cultural heritage and archaeological sites.

Dr Natali Pearson is an early career researcher at the University of Sydney, where she researches and teaches at the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (SSEAC).

On Friday 13 October, SSSHARC hosted a panel discussion with three heritage studies experts about their experience of attending the 21st General Assembly of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which was held in Sydney in September.