Policy, politics and education futures

What education futures are possible and desirable in the 21st century? 

Education futures are policy effects open to contestation and change. We examine historical and contemporary political and social contexts of policy, including formal and informal settings, from the local to the global.

Education systems, their histories and futures, are interwoven with policy and politics in complex ways. Our established and emerging research programs undertake national and international collaborations, drawing on a range of fields and disciplines including history, politics, geography, Science and Technology Studies, sociology and philosophy. 

We are interested in conceptual experimentation, expanding our methodological repertoires - that span qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, and participatory methodologies. 

We are interested in the ontological and epistemological dimensions of education policies and practices, and the historical, political and cultural formations that underpin contemporary policy.

Our current areas of focus include:

  • exclusionary policy processes and practices

  • links between schooling and inequitable outcomes for some groups of students

  • teachers’ and school leaders’ work

  • policy, media and teachers’ work

  • governance and new technologies, methods and knowledge from the life and computing sciences
  • issues of agency and the identification of constraints in role of education leaders. 

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