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Indigenous Research Collaboration

Bringing together Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers
We aim to develop national and international research alliances with leading institutions and researchers with an interest in Indigenous issues. We encourage research intensity, productivity and enacting social change.

We aim to raise the profile of Indigenous research and strengthen research activity and publication output in the area of Indigenous research.

This will be achieved through the coordination of and support for research activities as well as a range of other activities for staff and students, early-career researchers and postgraduate students working in the area of education and social work.

It also involves the mentoring of beginning researchers and the provision of support for established researchers to undertake both individual and collaborative research and get published in the area of Indigenous research.

Our major areas of research are:

  • Australian languages, Indigenous-languages education, language revival
  • mandatory Indigenous Studies in teacher education
  • teacher education and professional learning
  • Indigenous teacher education
  • social justice and equality
  • Indigenous knowledge theory
  • physical activity
  • social policy
  • social change
  • race and gender
  • colonial histories
  • Aboriginal history


Upcoming events

We don't currently have any upcoming events.

Past events

Explore our previous activities.

Tuesday 15th October and Wednesday 16th October 2019
8:30am to 3.30pm
Social Sciences and Education Buildings, University of Sydney

Local and international scholars, policymakers and leading practitioners in Māori and Aboriginal education will come together for a two-day conference at the University of Sydney to discuss ways to enhance education for Indigenous students.

Sponsored By: University of Sydney: School of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney
Co-sponsored: Gonski Institute, University of New South Wales, Aboriginal Studies NSW

Aboriginal Voices Project Team: Dr Kevin Lowe; Dr Cathie Burgess; Dr Greg Vass
International Project Team: Professor Mere Berryman; Elizabeth Eley, Associate Director, Poutama Pounamu: Excellence, Equity and Belonging, University of Waikato.

Special Guests:  Professor Adrian Picolli, Director of the Gonski Institute for Education, UNSW; Professor Karen Trimmer, University of Southern Queensland, Professor Christoper Day, University of Nottingham and University of Sydney.

Download the program.  

16-17 February 2017

The 2018 Indigenous Research Collaboration Forum united researchers from across the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences along with internationally renowned researchers led by Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane from the University of Canterbury.

The forum explored areas including language, history, Indigenous rights and education, community engagement, pedagogy and curricula as well as a symposium and roundtable discussion about future directions in Indigenous research.

The forum highlighted ethical, engaged and collaborative research between academics, Aboriginal communities, schools and local agencies with the aim of promoting substantive dialogue centring on Indigenous perspectives and voices.